What song are you listening to right now?


Lakorn Obsesser
Like have no clue to what they're saying? If so, the same thing goes for me because I do not understand Japanese.lol.


sarNie Adult
k-otic. Ruk mai dai rue mai dai ruk : รั�ไม่ได้หรือไม่ได้รั� .

sounds good.
im impressed.
play n skillz and someone else singin the remake of that one song... "at night i think of you... i wanna be ur lover baby."... something like that but it's on la casa.


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Lookpad-Ruk Tao Rai Gor Yarng Mai Por

Ying ruk mark tao rai..
Dee kae nai mai sarm kan
Muer sood tai mai ruk garn
Lah Chun Mai mee kwarm mai..

Yark ja hen khon dee korng tur
Khon bap nai tee tur ruk jing
Tee tur ja mai tord ting
Mai tarm hai kao sia jai

This song so sappyy-ee it makes me think sighs


sarNie Juvenile
Lasse Lindh - C'mon Through

It ain't so easy to love you true,
account of all the rattlesnakes and all that makes you blue
but it's worth it, I, I love the thrill

Come, come, come
C'mon through, c'mon you, come dig right into my heart
C'mon through, c'mon you, come dig right into my heart

What is the body if not a place,
where you store all anger and happiness and pain
but it's worth it, I love the thrill