What superpowers would you like to have?


. : Lady Yue : .
Lol I just have a feeling that someone will create this thread ;).

1st immortality
2nd eternal youth (I could not live forever looking old lol :D )
3rd having the power to change myself to anyone or anything
4th having the power to clone copies of me lol
5th I could time travel into the future or back in history
6th I have incredible speed, faster than the speed of light
7th I could fly even outside of planet Earth, dive under the deep ocean & into the deep cores of the Earth
8th I could withstand the intensity of the sun & the bitter coldness without the sun
9th I could take others' powers for a short amount of time
10th I could control minds!!!

Ahh too many powers :nut: haha, I just couldn't limit some, the more powers the better :risas3:. Well great powers come with great responsibilities, I will use them wisely! LOL :D.


sarNie Egg
I would love Immortality including eternal youth........I mean everyone would wish to live forever young and also the ability to heal/cure things would be really nice


sarNie Oldmaid
I'll add more lol

  • Eternal youth
  • Ability to control fire,air,water and earth
  • Shape-shifting
  • Cloning myself so I can be at two or more places at a time lol
  • Mind reading
  • Ability to speak, write and understand all languages
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. : Lady Yue : .
I want more superpowers lol :D

11. I don't need to eat/sleep to have strength or get my strength back
12. I'm elastic, expandable
13. I am invisible that no machine/device/normal person/people with superpowers who detect lol
14. I could foretell the future or know what happened in the past (winning the lottery will be so easy lol)
15. I could make anything I want appear in front of me
16. I want teleportation power as well (traveling the world will be so easy lol)
17. I could control the weather
18. I could create a force shield to protect humans and people with superpowers

And like every person with superpowers, each has a weakness or weaknesses, well I don't have any weaknesses LOL.
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. : Lady Yue : .
2 more superpowers I wish to have:

19. I could control TIME, freeze TIME. I'm seriously want this superpower!!!!!!!!
20. I could control things/objects.


sarNie Adult
The one I have is overwhelming most times, a hightened sense of intuition of events that will happen,