When that moment comes..


This is getting really iteresting, update soon, I want to see what Kim and Nadech do. LOL. Good to know tht Nadech is pairing with Min. :)


sarNie Hatchling
Episode 8

Pong: Calm down. 
Nadech: No I'm not going to calm down.
Pun: So you're going to hit her.
Nadech: (He sat down.) no but..
Pong: Just be quiet.

(The food got to them.)

Pun: It looks so tasty.(He went ahead and eat it.) Go ahead and eat it Mr. Nawat.
Pong: Yes. (The food look dirty to him. ) I don't feel like eating them.
Pun: Why? It really good.
Pong: (he give it a try and it's good but it looks dirty to him.) No I'm not eating . 
Pun: Okay
Nadech: mines looks delicious.(He took a bit and didn't notice that he just ate three pepper. He  hurry up and drink water.)
Pong: it's that spicy?
Nadech:( He look at pong then the food. He notice that there were a lot of pepper in his plate but he remember that he only ask for a little pepper.) My food only have pepper.
Pun: What? Really. It has rice and egg too.
Nadech: yea but majority is just pepper.(He yell.) I want the manager here right now.)
(Yaya's mother heard it and quickly walk to Nadech. Yaya, Kimberly, Min and Mario Look at Nadech.)

Yaya's mom: I'm sorry can I help you.
Nadech:(He turn to Yaya mom and push the plate towards her.) What is this?
Yaya's  mom: I'm sorry. What exactly do you need help on?
Nadech: This plate right here have so many pepper in it and I have it for only a little.
Yaya's mom: I'm so sorry. I will have them order a knew one. Who was your waitress.
Nadech: (He turn around and point at Kimberly.) That maid right there.

(Yaya's mom look at Nadech like why he say that.)

Yaya mom's:  I'm so sorry.
Nadech:(Shouting.) Is this all you can do. Is just saying sorry? You people can't do nothing but apologize.

(Kimberly hear Nadech Shouting so she went to over there, then Min grab onto her hand.)

Min: Kim don't go. Let Yaya go.
Kimberly: No I'm gonna go. You guys stay here.(Min trying pulling her back but she can't. Kimberly got to Yaya's mom and Nadech them.)

Kimberly: What 's wrong?
Nadech:(He turn to Kimberly.) what's wrong? Look at these dam food.
Kimberly: So you are criticizing our poor people food.
Nadech: Yes! You poor people is so stup...(he didn't finish the sentence because people is looking at him. He try to correct himself.) What I mean is my food is just full of pepper.
Kimberly: You ask for it.
Nadech: What I didn't ask for it. Well I did but I say put a little only. I didn't say put a whole bunch.
Kimberly: You never say put a little. You say put pepper in it do I did what you say.
Nadech: You should use your common sense. Oh I forgot people like you doesn't have brain.(Kim was mad but kept is cool. Nadech turn back around and whisper.) Only you have brain for being another's man mistress.
Kimberly:(She heard it so she smack the back of his head. He got up and push her.) What are you gonna do huh? You ain't gonna do shit?
Nadech: oh I won't.
Kimberly: Yea you won't. Scary as motherf*****.

(He was going to grab onto Kimberly but pong grab him and push him out the restaurant.)

To Be Continue


Ooh, Nadech and Kimmy is sizzling there, can't wait for more, but Nadech is paired with Min. Nadech is such a ****. Pong seems like a nice person. also wondering, do you have a specific person as Pun?


sarNie Hatchling
Yes there is it's Shane Nattawat.I'm sorry forgot to put up who's pun before starting the ff. I'll just replace the name pun to Shane.


sarNie Hatchling
Episode 9

(Later that night they close their restaurant and sat down just to chat.)

Yaya: What an exhausting day.
Kimberly: I know right. Dealing with stupid people.
Min: Yea true.
Kimberly: Now, Min you need to be mean and stop being nice.
Min: I'm not nice. 
Yaya: (Have on a sarcastic voice.) Yes you are really mean.(laugh a little.)
Kimberly: ( Look at Yaya.) You shouldn't say that, you are nice like Min too.
Yaya: What!  I am not.
Kimberly. Yes you are.
Yaya: no.
Kimberly: Who is the one that let their boyfriend's mother come and beat them at home. (Yaya didn't say anything. She look at her then down on the table.) exactly.
Yaya: alright..alright you win.
Kao: (He came in the conversation.) Dam Kimberly. You were cool out there. Can you teach me.
Kimberly: (She smile and rub his head.) Now something like that you  shouldn't do it because it's bad.
Yaya: Don't think about doing anything like that or else.
Kao: Alright. But you were heated over there.
Kimberly: (She chuckled.) You dam right.
Yaya: Kimberly!
Kimberly: oops my bad.
Kao: It's okay. I'm use to it.Okay bye you guys.(He left.)
Yaya: Now I know where he get this thing from.(She look at Kimberly.)
Kimberly: ( She look at Yaya.) It ain't from me.
Yaya: Sure.
Min: Will I'm gonna go home.
Kimberly:Let me give you a ride.
Min: No it's okay.
Yaya: Are you sure?
Min: Yes I'm sure.(she gave them a hug.) okay bye girls.
Kim&yaya: Bye.
Kimberly: okay I'm gonna leave too.
Yaya: Okay see you tomorrow.
Kimberly:(she gave Yaya a hug.) okay bye.

(The next day Yaya got ready for work.)

Yaya: Okay mom I'm leaving . I will be back later.(She gave her mother a hug and a kiss on the cheek.)
Yaya's mom: Okay bye sweetie. 

(Yaya left.)

Kao:Mom, I'm going to go and send the kids to school.
Yaya's Mom: Okay. Come straight home and don't go anywhere else okay.
Kao: Okay.

(He left to take his brother and sister to school. After he send them to school, he met Mint C.)

Kao: Hey Mint.
Mint C: Oh hey.(She gave him a hug.) What are you doing here? You were suppose to be in class.
Kao: Yea. But I got suspended. 
Mint C: What?
Kao: I know...I know. So where you heading?
Mint C: To your house.
Kao: Okay then let's go together but Yaya is not home
Mint C: It's okay. I can stay with you and your mom.

(They got to Yaya's house. They were chatting while wiping down the tables.)

Mint C: What! Kim did all that.
Kao: Yeap. (Kao was demonstrating what Kimberly did while telling Mint C.) Kimberly swing her hand towards him and he fell down.(Kao start swinging his fist.) Then Kim got on top of him and start punching him. (Kao got on top of the table and he was on his knee, them he start punching down.)Then Kimberly pull him up and start to push him and continuing to punch him.(Kao then got up and got off of the table and did the punching move.)
Mint C: (Mint look at him like he's being sarcastic.) You are lying huh?
Kao: No I'm not. I'm speaking the truth.
Kimberly: Why you lying?
Kao:(He turn back and laugh.) When did you get here?
Kimberly:When you were doing all the crazy stuff that you did earlier.
Mint C: Hey Kim.(They hug each other.) Did you really did what he said.)
Kimberly: No, I wouldn't waste my energy for that dumb guy.
Mint C: Okay but it always end up you're wasting your energy. So who is this guy?
Kimberly: (She look at her like she don't want to tell her.) I forgot.
Mint C: You forgot. Really. Are you sure.
Kimberly: I'm sure.
Kao:(He was thinking to see what was that dude name.) Nade.
Mint C: (She look at him weird.) What?
Kao: Yea something like nadev or na something.
Kimberly:(She look at Kao like why he say that.)
Mint C: (She look at Kimberly.) So is that why You don't want to tell me.
Kimberly: No. I really did forgot his named.
Mint C: So you're telling me that you forgot someone, who you really hate named.
Kimberly: Look I just don't want to remember his named or know his named or I don't even care if he die.
Mint C: (She look at Kimberly.) Really.
Kimberly: (She look at Mint too.) Look I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to say it.

To Be Continue...


LOL, Kao is so funny, lying to Mint, I can totally imagine him doig that. Kimmy not wanting to  remember Nadech. LOL. :p


sarNie Hatchling
Episode 10

Mint C:The person you are talking about is my cousin.
Kimberly: I know. That's why I apologize.
Mint C: Can you guys just get along?
Kimberly: How can we get along when he is always the one who starts first. 
Mint C: just let everything go and forget about it. Its the past, move on. Can you guys just try to respect each other
Kimberly: No I can't. Your cousin need to respect us first, if he want respect back.
Mint C: (Sigh) I don't know what to say. You guys are always like this. Watch one day you guys might end up with him.
Kimberly: Oh hell no. There will never be a chance. You know me well.When I hate someone I...
Mint C: (Interrupt Kimberly and finish her sentence for her.)You will not care, like and love them until the they you die.
Kimberly: You know me well.
Mint C: Yes I do. Maybe Min.
Kimberly: Maybe Min what?
Mint C: She might be the person who fall in love with Nadech.
Kimberly:(She look at Mint with a face like that's impossible.) No you are wrong. She will not do anything like that. Beside she hate him.
Mint C: Don't be to sure. You never know. It's a high chance she will.
Kimberly: I bet you she will never fall in love with him.
Mint C: I bet you she will.
Kimberly: Don't bet with me. You know you're gonna loose right and if you loose you have to let me go in your secret place.
Mint C: (She's thinking if she should make this deal because of what Kimberly ask for.) Okay and if I win You have to date the next guy that you see.
Kimberly: (She is thinking too.) What if they are fat or ugly?
Mint C: It's up to you because I know I'm gonna win and not you. Don't make the bet because you lost.(She said this to persuade Kim to make the bet.)
Kimberly: What, it haven't even start yet.
Mint C: I know but I want to say it two time. First time here and the second time is when you loose.(She try to persuade her again.)
Kimberly: You are so sure you're gonna win.
Mint C: Yes I am.
Kimberly: Okay fine. I will make the bet. (They both shake hand for the bet.)If I loose I have to do what?
Mint C: You will have to kiss and date the next guy that you see.
Kimberly: What! I can't do that,
Mint C: We already made the bet.
Kimberly: What if..
Mint C: Don't say it just look at him over there. 
Kimberly: (She turn around and saw a guy.

(The guy came in front of Yaya's restaurant and took off his sunglasses.)

Kimberly & Mint c:(They said it the same time. The first sentence is Kimberly's and the second sentence is Mint C's.) Ohhh He's hot. Wow he's ugly.
Kimberly & Mint C:(They look at each others and said it the first time.) What!
Mint C: I never knew you like those type.
Kimberly: What! What are you talking about he is also your type too.
Mint C: (She laugh.) I never did say that. Okay so you better go and get his number and kiss him too.
Kimberly: oh yea.(She was about to go but notice that she didn't have to after the bet is over.) I don't have to kiss him now. Why you lying.
Mint C: I just want to see you kiss someone who is fat and butt ugly.
Kimberly:(She look at Mint weird.) What are you talking about? He is not fat nor ugly.
Mint C: Oh so now you don't see that he is ugly or fat. Wow, What has got into you?
Kimberly: I should be the one who ask you that. Did Alex got fat and ugly?
Mint C: No he didn't. He is still handsome like before. Why you say that?
Kimberly: Because the man that I'm talking about is handsome like Alex, umm I think he is a little better than Alex.
Mint C: What. Okay I think we are confusing our self. On a count to three look at the guy that you are talking about and I will do the same too. Okay ready?(Kimbery nod up and down.)One, two and three.

(Mint look straight at Kimberly and Kimberly look behind herself. They both was confused because they are not sure which one.)

Mint: Which one?
Kimberly: Okay let's point instead of looking.

(Mint point at the guy behind Kimberly then Kimberly point at the guy a little to the right from what Mint point. They look at each other.)

Kimberly: Really! You're gonna point to the ugliest one.
Mint: What I saw him first.

(Kimberly turn around to look at the ugly dude and Mint turn to look at the guy that Kimberly piont at. Kimberly turn back and saw that Mint is looking at him nonstop.)

Kimberly: Mint.(She did not answer.) Mint..Mint..(She still did not answer so Kimberly tap her really hard on her shoulder.)
Mint: Ouch. That really hurt.
Kimberly: Well if you were to pay more attention.
Mint: Wow. He is cute. I didn't know you got good taste and I didn't know that it was your type too.
Kimberly: No he's not my type. I just think that he is hot.
Mint: Sure. Will you better go serve him.
Kimberly: What? You go serve him.
Mint: No, you because it's your job not mine.
Kimberly: What? Alright fine.
Mint: (Right when Kimberly got up she say.) You better get that sugar daddy name.(She laugh.)
Kimbery: Shut up.

( He was still standing there, so Kimberly went to greet him.)

Kimberly: Hi, welcome  to Sperbund Restaurant sir. Come on in and follow me. (She took him to a table and grab some  water and pour it in the cup. She then gave him the menu.)

To Be Continue...

Thanks again for the reader.


Haha, Love Mint and Kimmy's bet. so she'll have to date the guy then. :) Mint and Alex? <3 :) update soon.


sarNie Hatchling
Episode 11

Om: Thank you. Is the owner of this house here?
Kimberly: Yea she's here. I'll go get her for you.

(At Pong, Nadech and Shane. They are at Pong's house.)

Shane:  What has got into you yesterday.
Nadech: I don't know. Yesterday I was really pissed when I see them.
Pong: Maybe you should let everything go.
Nadech: No. I will never let it go.
Shane: You hate them this much. I hope you won't fall in love with one of them.
Nadech: I won't.
Pong: Sure.( He got a phone call. He answer it.) Hello baby. (Nadech and Shane look at him.) What do you want?
Girl: I want you.
Pong: Oh okay I will come there later okay.
Girl: No but I want you now.
Pong: Don't be in a rush. You can wait.
Girl: Please. I'm dying.
Pong: Alright. I'm coming now.(He hung up his phone.) I have to leave.
Nadech: Whst? But we need to talk.
Pong:(He got up and walking out.) We can talk later.
Nadech: Girl is always his first priority.
Shane: You know it. So are you hungry.
Nadech: Yes I am. Where do you want to go eat at?
Shane: I want to go eat at the restaurant that we went yesterday.
Nadech: (Look at Shane .) Really. I almost kill a girl over there and you want to go eat over there.
Shane: I know but because I like the food over there. If you don't want to eat then forget it.
Nadech: Why don't we just order pizza?
Shane: Yea, that's fine.

(They order some pizza.)

(At Kimberly. Yaya's mom went to that guy.)

Yaya's mom: Hi. You say you want to see me.
Om: Yes. Go ahead and take a seat.
Yaya's Mom:  So what do you want to see me about?
Om: (He look at Kimberly like he want her to go away.)
Kimberly: I'll go and you guys talk.

(Kimberly left.)

Yaya's Mom: So you are here for?
Om: I'm sure you still remember me right?
Yaya's Mom: I'm not sure.
Om: I'm the little boy that always come to your place all the time.
Yaya's Mom: Oh yes you are. I just remember when you said it. You grew so big and very handsome.
Om: Thank you and you are still the same. Where is your children at?
Yaya's Mom: They are not here except for Kao. He's over there working.
Om: That's good that he's working. He's being a big boy.
Yaya's Mom: Yes he is. What have you been doing? 
Om: I've been studying aboard.
Yaya's Mom: That's why you haven't come here. Now you came here to eat. Do you want the food. I'll cook your favorite. I still remember what you like. (She got up and talk the same time.) Let me go make you some food.
Om: Hold on.
Yaya's Mom: You want something else.
Om: No. I'm here to talk about something really important.
Yaya's Mom: (She sat right back down with a curious face.) What is it?
Om: (sigh. He had a sad face.) I don't know how to tell you.
Yaya's Mom: Tell me.

To Be Continue...


I wonder what Om needs to say. Maybe to marry Yaya? LOL, update soon. Feeling that Pong and Nadech are going to make a bet too. :p


sarNie Hatchling
Episode 12

Om: I know this place is really important to you and your family but...(sigh)
Yaya's Mom: What is it? Say it.
Om: My dad want to build something out of this place. He say if you can't give him 100,000 dollars then you have to give this place up.
Yaya's Mom:(She is terrified, What she just here.) What?
Om: I know. I'm really sorry,
Yaya's Mom: So there no other way?
On: No.
Yaya's Mom: Can you just try to convince your dad because if he use this place then where are we going to live at.
On: I try but it didn't work. I will buy another place for you guys to stay. 
Yaya's Mom: No I can't accept your offer. I understand. When do I have to move out of here.
Om: My dad give you three month to move out.
Yaya's Mom: Okay. (She was really sad but still think of Om.) What do you want to eat.
Om: Thank you but I'm gonna leave right now.
Yaya's Mom: Okay.

(Om left and Yaya's Mom walk into the kitchen, then Kimberly and Mint follow her.)

Kimberly: What's wrong. 
Yaya's Mom: (She wipe her tears.) Nothing.
Kimberly: Did that dude say something to you?
Yaya's Mom: Nothing. It just me. Don't worry.
Mint C: Are you sure?
Yaya's Mom. Yes. Don't worry.

(At Kao. He heard everything that his mom and Om talked about. He was really sad. He walked out of the restaurant to where the river is at.)

Kao:(He sat down on the edge of the brick.) Why? Why it got to be like this?(His tears came down.) 
Jame:(he came behind Kao.) What's wrong my friend?
Kao:(he notice that it was his best best friend Jame.) Nothing. Just sitting down.(He wipe his tears.) 
Jame: Don't lie to me. I heard you say why.
Kao: It's nothing. Don't worry.
Jame:(He sat down next to Kao.) C'mon don't lie. You know you can't lie to me. I know you well. So what's wrong. 
Kao: It's just my family problem. Don't worry. It's nothing big.
James: Alright. Just remember that I'm always here if you need anything.
Kao: I know. Thanks man.

(At Yaya. She is at work and working really hard. She is cleaning the table and Mario came behind her.

Mario: Hey my wife.
Yaya: (She turn around and saw that it was Mario. She gave him a hug.) Hi my handsome husband. 
Mario: Working really hard huh?
Yaya: Yes. What are you doing here?
Mario: I came here just to see my beautiful wife.
Yaya: Sure you did.
Mario: I'm. Serious.
Yaya: Okay will your beautiful wife have to go back to work.
Mario: Are you going to take care of me.
Yaya: Take care of you, For what?
Mario: Hello, I'm your customer.
Yaya: Well, have a seat there and call anybody when you are done.
Mario: I guess.
Yaya: Don't be mad. I know you want talk to some of the girl here.
Mario: Not as much as I want to talk to my wife here.

(Mario's fiancé came in and heard what he said.)

To Be Continue...


LOL Mario and Yaya wife and husband joke, trouble coming. Ugh, why does Om have to? It would've been better if he asked to marry Yaya, but i understand, it's his father's fault.


sarNie Hatchling
Episode 13

Jern: What did you just say?
Mario: (Mario and Yaya look surprise.) Oh nothing. What are you doing here?
Jern: Don't try to change the subject.
Mario: I'm not. 
Yaya: Okay just let us know when you are ready. 
Jern: (Yaya was about to leave but Jern call her.) Hey, don't you try to get away.
Mario: Jern don't make a big fuss out of it.
Jern: No. Do you know that we are getting marry soon.
Yaya: Yes I do now would you please excuse me. 

(She was about to leave but Jern grab Yaya's arm. She was about to slap Yaya but Mario came in and grab her.)

Mario: Don't you dare touch her.
Jern: (She was really mad what Mario just said.) Mario, why are you on her side. I'm your fiancé you suppose to care about me.
Mario: I'm not taking any side but you were wrong. Urassaya, go ahead and do your job.

(Yaya left to do her job.)

Jern: Mario, no one else is your wife but me.
Mario: Jern, Why do you make things so hard?
Jern: I don't but you do.
Mario: Look I don't want to argue. If you want to stay and eat but if you are here just to cause problem then leave.(After Mario said that he sat down.)
Jern: Alright. I won't cause anymore problem.
Mario: Thats good.

(Pong is at a racing car place to film his Lakorn.)

Pong's Director: Hey, do it correctly.
Pong: I know..I know.
Actress: Pong, are you okay?
Pong:Yes I'm fine. Okay do it over again.

(They film again and again. Pong finally got it right. He went to rest
for a bit. Pong's director came in
to talk to him.)

Pong's Director: (He put his hand on
Pong's shoulder.) What's wrong?
Pong: Nothing. 
Pong's Director: Are you sure? You didn't do well today. If there's anything let me know, so that I can help you.
Pong: I know. I'm just tired today.
Pong's Director: Okay. Oh and you really need to stop messing with those girl.
Pong: Which girl?
Pong's Director: You know which girl I'm talking. I don't want to hear any of those bullshit about you ever again. You hear me.
Pong: Alright.Alright.
Pong's Director: Don't alright me.
Pong: Okay. I understand.
Pong Director: Good.

To Be Continue.


sarNie Hatchling
Episode 14

(Pueng went inside her bedroom to talk on the phone.)

Pueng: Okay. I will see you then.

(She hung up the phone and went straight to do her work.) 

Yaya's Mom: Who did you talk to?
Pueng: My sister.
Yaya's Mom: She's coming right?
Pueng: Yes.
Yaya's Mom: (She have a sad face on.) She's coming to hear a disappointment.
Pueng: Huh?
Yaya's Mom: Oh nothing.
Pueng: Are you sure.
Yaya's Mom: Yea. Don't worry sweetie. Go on and work.
Pueng: Okay.

(Mint and Kimberly were helping out with the restaurant.)
 Mint: Did you ask for his number yet.
Kimberly: Who?
Mint: Hello. The dude.
Kimberly: What dude?
Mint: The dude that you're gonna date.
Kimberly: I was not gonna date no dude.
Mint: (Sigh) You are really slow. The dude that goons be you dude if you loose to the bet.
Kimberly: Oh. See you didn't say it like that.
Kimberly: No. Are you crazy?
Mint: I'm not but you need to know his information for our bet.
Kimberly: It's not time yet.
Mint: Get it ready.
Kimberly: No. I don't just talk to any guy and ask for their number.
Mint: Well you can do an exchange.
Kimberly: No. 
Mint: So what about his name.
Kimberly: No.
Mint: Are you serious.
Kimberly: Yes. I told you already.
Mint: Omg.
Yaya's Mom: What are you guys talking about?
Mint: We are talking about Kimberly's boy..
Kimberly: (Interrupt Mint.) Nothing. Did you need help on anything.
Yaya's Mom: I need one of you guys to look for Kao. I can't find him.
Kimberly: Okay. I'll go find him.
Yaya's Mom: Alright thank you .

(Kimberly went to look for him and find him with his friend.)

Kimberly: Where have you been?
Kao: I went with my friend.
Kimberly:(He noticed that Kao look sad.) Are you okay.(She touch his head.)
Kao:I'm fine. So you're here just to get me or what?
Kimberly: Your mom wants me to come find you.
Kao: Oh okay.
James:Alright, Kao I'll catch you later.
Kao: Alright.
Kimberly: Who was that?
Kao: My best friend.
Kimberly: Oh, you have best friend too.
Kao: Yea. I do and I have more than that.
Kimberly: Thats good. Well let's get back to the restaurant. 
Kao: You go first.
Kimberly: No we have to go together. Your mon need you.
Kao: Alright. 

(Yaya bring Mario the food.)

Yaya: Here you go.
Mario: Thank you my lady.
Jern:(She was pissed of what Mario said.)Mario!
Mario: Jern!
Jern:(She was about to scream but Mario said.)
Mario: (He point at her.) If you scream, you're leaving.
Jern:(She stop.) Alright.
Mario:I order this for both of us, so stop talking and eat.
Yaya: I will let you both enjoy you're meal.
Mario: Are you on your break yet?
Yaya:No not yet.
Mario: You want to eat some. Here I'll feed you some.
Yaya:No, it's okay. I still have more customer to take care.
Mario: Alright. Have fun taking order.
Yaya:  I will.

(Yaya walked away.)

To Be Continue....


sarNie Hatchling
Episode 15

(Mario look at her and smile then eat his food.)

Jern: When are you going to see my parents, Mario?
Mario:( He did not care to listen to it. He continue to eat.)
Jern: Mario...Mario...Mario!
Mario:(He finally pay attention to her.) Huh?
Jern: I said when are you going to see my parents?
Mario: I don't know when.
Jern: They want to see you.
Mario: I will go see them but not right now.(He continues to eat his food.)
Jern: They miss you and they want to talk about...engagement.
Mario:(He choke on his food, when he heard about the engagement. He drink his water while talking and he rush.) Okay I got to go. I will talk to you later. (He then walk away.)
Jern: (She got up.)Mario! Why you always do that? (She sat down and sigh.)

(At Art)
Art's Mom: Art , I want you to go get Ms. Putipat daughter to come over here.
Art: No mom. If she wants to come, then she will come on her own. She know how to drive.
Art's Mom: I know but I want you to go get her. I miss her.
Art: Okay why don't you go and visit her.
Art's Mom: No I told her that you will go get her in 20 minutes.
Art: What? Mom, but I just got back.
Art's Mom: It's okay. Just go get her and after that you can rest.(She touch her son's shoulder.)
Art: Okay.

( Art went out to the front yard and he check to see if his mom looking and she is not looking.He ask one of his mom's driver to go get Ms Putipat's daughter.)
Ms. Putipat's Driver: Okay.
(Right after Art left, he went inside the house and told on Art.

(At Mint and Kimberley.)

Mint: ( She throw the towel on the table.) Whooo....it's a good day for workout.
Kimberly: Yea.
Yaya:(She come from work and saw that Kimberly and Mint was still there. She quickly put her bag down and went to them.) Thank you guy so much for staying the whole day today.
Mint&Kimberly: You're welcome.
Kimberly: We do anything for you.
Yaya: (She give them both hug.) Thank you guys. I'm glad to have you guys as my friend. I love you guys.
Mint&Kimberly: We love you too.
Mint: Okay I gotta go.
Kimberly: okay I gotta go too. C'mon Mint lets go.(She wrap her arm around Mint arm.)
Mint: (She stop and look at her. Kimberly look at Mint too.)
Kimberly: C'mon. Why you still standing there?
Mint: Who say you were going with me?
Kimberly: I say.
Mint: You ain't going.
Kimberly: Don't waste your time arguing with me it is getting late.
Mint: No I will stand here and argue if I have to. YOU AINT GOING!
Kimberly: Just let me go this time. Please.(With a cute face.)
Mint:(She laugh then smile while saying it.) That is cute. (With a serious face.) But no you can't go. (She is heading toward outside while speaking.) What you can do is hope that you win the bet so you can go. (She did a small laugh.) which it will never happen. Okay by you guys.
Yaya: By. Drive safe.(She look at Kimberly.) What bet is she talking about?
Kimberly: Ummm nothing. Okay I'm gonna go too.
Yaya's Mom: (Coming down from the stair.) Why don't you spend the night here?
Kimberly: No it's okay. I'll just go home.
Yaya: It's late just spend the night here.
Kimberly: Ummm...
Yaya's Mom: (Interrupt Kimberly.)Just stay here tonight. It's really late and you are very tired.
Kimberly: Okay. I'm tired so I'm gonna go in first.
Yaya: Okay.

(Kimberly left.)

Yaya: (She sit next to her mom.) Mom is everything okay?
Yaya's Mom: Yes everything is okay. I'm just tired.
Yaya: Okay mom go rest. Mom if there anything you want, let me know.
Yaya's Mom: Okay sweetheart. You go ahead and sleep.
Yaya: Okay mom. I love you. (She kiss her mom on the cheek.)
Yaya's Mom: I love you too.

To Be Continued....


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Episode 16

(Yaya got to her room and Kimberly just finished talking on the phone.)

Kimberly: (She was in a rush.) Look I have to go.
Yaya: What? Why?
Kimberly: I need to go. (While walking out of the bedroom, she says.) I will see you tomorrow. Bye.
Yaya: Bye.

(The next morning. Kimberly came to Yaya's house, right after Kao open the gate to their restaurant.)

Kao: (He saw Kimberly and she was looking very angry. He know right away what Kimberly need. Pointing behind him.) Its over there.

(Kimberly went and pour water in a cup and drink it so fast that it make Kao swallow his own saliva. Kimberly went inside the house. She got to Yaya's bedroom and Yaya was still sleeping. Kimberly sat on Yaya's bed and start eating the dumpling she bought it with her. She pull Yaya's blanket.)

Yaya: (Yaya got up. She lift her head up with one eye open and saw Kimberly.) Kimberly?...(rubbing her eye.) What are you doing here so early? It's only...what.. (she look at the clock on her desk.)It's only six...(she cover herself with the blanket while saying.) can I please sleep one more hour?
Kimberly: ( she pull down the blanket.) No, you can't. Get up right now.
Yaya: (Yaya got up and face Kimberly but still very sleepy.) Okay tell me....(She didn't get to finish then Kimberly shove a dumpling in Yaya's mouth.Yaya chew on it. She say it with a mouth full.) I didn't even brush my teeth yet.
KimberLy: (with a angry voice.) I'm so tired of it. There's never a time where there will be a peaceful morning.
Yaya: (She finish her dumpling.) What happen? Is everything okay?
Kimberly: I hate the fact that I have to get up every morning with argument coming left to right.
Yaya: Did you argue with your uncle?
Kimberly: (sigh) You know what forget it. Get up and lets help your mom get the restaurant ready.
Yaya: Are you sure, you don't want to talk about it.
Kimberly: Yea.
Yaya: Okay. I'll come down.

(Kimberly left Yaya's room. Yaya went to wash up and went down.)

Yaya: Goodmorning mom.
Yaya's Mom: Goodmorning sweety.
Kao: Kimberly, are you okay?
Kimberly: Yes, I'm okay.
Kao: If you ever need anything, don't hesitate.
Kimberly: (Smile) Of course. Thank you.

(At Mint's house. She came down the stair and was ready to go out but her father stop her.)

Mint's Father: (He walk behind Mint while talking.) My daughter, where are you going?

Mint: ( She turn around to face her dad.) I have a errand to run, so I'm going to go and finish it.
Mint's Dad: No you need to stay. We need to have a family meeting.
Mint: Okay. I'll be right back.
Mint Dad: ( He got on a serious face.) No! We are having a meeting now and you are going to be there.
Mint: (silent)
Mint's Dad: Do you understand?
Mint: Yes sir.

(At Pong's house. His family is having breakfast but pong is the last one to come down.)

Pong's Grandma: Pong, when are you going to marry?
Pong: ( He look at his grandma.) Im not ready to get marry.
Pong's Grandma: When will you be ready? You are 26 years old and it's about time.
Pong: (talking while food in his mouth.) I know.
Pong's mom: We are serious. This is not funny.
Pong: ( Look at his mom and smile.) I never say it was funny.
Pong's Grandma: But you're acting like it. I probably won't ever get to see how your wife looks like.
Pong: Yes you will.
Pong's Grandma: No, because I'm not going to be living with you forever. Soon I will die and not get to see my only grandson have a family.
Pong: ( He drop his spoon and face his grandma. He held onto his grandma's hand.) Don't talk like that. You will get to see my family. I will get marry but just not right now. I don't even have a girlfriend.
Pong's Dad: You need to make sure who you marry. Be careful and choose slowly.
Pong's Mom: I have a friend and her daughter is very pretty. Why don't you go and talk to her.
Pong: ( he chuckle.) Dad just say choose carefully.
Pong's mom: I understand that. That's why tomorrow morning, you will go with me to have breakfast with them.
Pong: ( He was surprise.) Mom.
Pong's Mom: End of discussion.(she got up and walk away.)
Pong: Dad, are you going to say anything?
Pong's Dad: Just go and have breakfast with them. It should be fine.
Pong: ( he look at his Grandma.) Grandma!
Pong's Grandma: It won't kill you to have one breakfast. You had your chance to pick who you like but you didn't. Just do what your mom want for right now.

(Pong cross his arm and sigh.)

To be continued.....
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A young pretty girl who is a very big fan of a superstar, which is pong. Yaya told her three friend what she going to do to pong if there ever a chance pong ask her out. When that moment come is she able to do what she said even after she know how he is. Also will she let her boyfriend go just to be with him? What problem she will face? Stay tune to know what she is going to do when those moment comes.

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