Wheres Nadia?


sarNie Adult
Haven't seen her on the show lately? Does anyone know what happened to her? Or do I just dont' see her. Haha. I only see Joy, Oil, and Pooky. I think thats her name. haha o___O


sarNie Elites

i was watching some update thing ..

and i heard that she's in hospital because a mosquito stung her or something like that
and she was telling people to be aware and like try to prevent that from happening in any way. even if you think its nothing.. or very littleee..

omgoshh.. i didint know she got robbeddd.. ( x__X )

i feel sorry for Nadia.. :(


sarNie Adult
Sore throat? gosh, I miss seeing her =) she's missing for like 2 weeks already. haha Thanks for the update!