which movies have ya recently watch/saw?

lidogurl said:
ok...i just got done watching "scary movie 4"....haha...how funny and stupid in a way....but i enjoy it....=)

mind sharing ya.... :)
just watch it 2 days ago, don't like it, because it's not funny.....like the one and two.... i think they have to stop this saga because it's really really bad..
the last movie i saw at the movie theather was TAKE THE LEAD. and oh boy that movie was good. Ramon is aoooo effen HOT!! and the music and dance move was like omfgosh. i wanna learn now. hehe.


i wanted to see scary movie 4, and still waiting to see silent hill... but the last movie i saw was 'american haunted'... the movie was errr alright...


I got two kids so I only watch kids movies.... I just watch ice age 2 and the wild..... I like ice age 2 better than the wild..... the wild is not that good.....
i just watch a duplex for three really funny movie because a young couple buy a flat but the last owner still here and she desnt want get out and the young do everything but they can't share long time and this is a really really good comedy more than scary movie 4....
lidogurl said:
isnt that movie kind of like that other movie called "duplex" staring drew berrymore...??...where they try to kill the old lady??
yeah they try to kill the old woman but i think i don't see drew :(


I just saw untied 93 and MI=3...... untied 93 is really sad.... but MI=3 is just ok........I didnt like it that much.....


sarNie Elites
mmm, last time i saw an american movie was SILENT HILL... gosh it left me with confused! i don't understand the ending, though. o_O

SPOILER ALERT!: are both mother and daughter always have been dead all along?

sorry, if spoiler alert obviously is visible since white is still visible on this forum. U.u


Mrs. Robert Pattinson
Scary Movie 4. I thought it was ok. Not as funny as 1 and 2.


sarNie Egg

Scary Movie 4 - had to get rid of the free expiring movie ticket, so-so -_-

Ice Age 2 - nothing new :blink:

Lucky Number Slevin - I can't believe I really enjoy this one :lol: I went
to see Ice Age 2 and this movie at the same day. I almost fall asleep
watching Ice Age 2 but when I watched Lucky Number Slevin, I was
fully awake.

MI 3 - my sister wanted to get the free T-shirt at the midnight show
at Arclight cinema so I ended up watching it with her. It's OK movie.
I didn't really enjoy it plus the T-shirt they offered is size "L" only.
I end up giving it to my dad :sweat:

Akeelah and the bee - got the free tickets from Starbucks so it's
nothing to lose. But I end up enjoy this movie ^_^ All the actors &
actresses are good especially the young ones. The guy who plays
Dylan (the asian guy) is cute ^_^

Coming soon:
Pirates of the caribbean
Superman Return

p.s. My sister will go to see Da Vinci Code at 6 am at Arclight with my
brother (it's because of the T-shirt :sweat: ) I don't want to ge
because it's too early for me... don't want to wake up just to watch
the movie. :lmao:


sarNie Egg
i saw "silent hill" its was okies left me confuse but someone who worked at the theater explained it to me. then i saw "just my luck" it was okies but "she's the man" was sooo much better.
i just watch M:I:3, it a little bit better than the two fist epis but nt really good ... don't keep my attention... if i have to compare with scary movie 4 , i say the second is better.


sarNie Juvenile
Dukes of Hazzard!!!

the one with Jessica Simpson. that movie is ok, funny and somewhat-good =) its hilarious though =P