who do you think is shahrukh's best female costar?


sarNie Egg
I love Rani and shahrukh. I think they also have great chemistry. I watch all their pair up movies. should pair up more


sarNie Egg
He and Aishwarya Rai make the best couple even though they don't do much films together.

After Mohabbatein (My favorite Bollywood movie!), Sharukh Khan wanted Rai as Kaurwaki (which I totally agree!) in Asoka! OMG! But, unfortunately, the director wanted someone "younger", so the role went to Kareena Kapoor (um...okay...damn.)

Damn it's Rai's eyes Sharukh noticed! He commented on Kaurwaki's eyes...and that's why he considered her for the role because he knows she got the best eyes!


sarNie Egg
Best female costar for him is AISHWARYA RAI!!

They always look wonderful together.



sarNie Egg
Srk looks da best w/ Rani. :wub: I also like him w/ Kajol alot, Aish, Madhuri n Preity. ;)
Most of these actresses r rarely in movies these days, except Aishwarya. She's still goin strong n can give the younger actress a run for the money. Srk nowadays acting more w/ the younger generation Kareena, Priyanka, etc. He looks good w/ them also, but think he's better off w/ da older generation. Dont like his pairing w/ Anuskha n Deepika, both r too tall n young for him.


sarNie Egg
Jasmine in zhang ziyi, read the really think she is very strong, especially the rain there own production, admire acting
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Lavender takeshi kaneshiro play angels Hong Kong piece good-looking
RuLian teacher Japan's new won the Oscar for best foreign film but not "big" movies very touched
Bai ye do Korean suspense based on a novel I read novels absolutely not inferior even has another Angle shock
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Wow, I guess there Shahrukh has great chemistry with nearly all his co-stars. Everyone has a different opinion. But as for me, it has always been Kajol and it always will be. They are perfect for each other in terms of looks and personalities. I love their explosive on screen chemistry. I've always believed they are meant to be. Still love them with each other after 10 years! :wub:


Kajol, Rani, and Aishwarya.

AND Juhi! Although...I kind of like Juhi with Aamir more hehe..


I liked KANK it was weird at first and I didn't like it because they were already married to another person but I started to like it somehow. Yes fun4fun it did drag a whole lot but overall it was good. It made me cry, I can't believe that it could really happen. I would be sad too fall in love after marriage, you finally found the other person you were meant for.
U know a lot of people were disappoint by the movie but I liked it quite a lot maybe because I'm bias towards Rani&SRK! lol As long as they are together that's the main focus. lmao. jk jk But the ending was super duper sad though. Rani was really convincing in there and she was beautiful through out!

^true, but i think it would have been better if they talk their marriage first before starting cheating on their other half. I know RANI have tried but it didn't work but if she really want to work it out, she should have tell him out loud that she want to divorce same for SRK too. i was so mad at him, his reason for cheating is a bit selfish and lame.
Abhi was a partier thats why Rani left him for her love with SRK. lol SRK was just head over heels for Rani. lol =D jk jk

I absolutely think that SRK&Rani look physically good together! I like them the best. Kajol was excellent in KKHH but I never bother watching any of her other movies because she wasn't that good in general even K3G her role was no no. I still LOVE Rani's SPECIAL APPEARANCE the most. lol I'm so bias!!! LOL Kareena dance well but her face was always looking weird/crooked when they zoon close. lol


RANI&SRK FTW!!!!! :dance1: :dance1:


I do like him with Kajol, Rani, and Aish, but I like him with Madhuri the most. (I mentioned Kajol before but I shift. Lol. Too much of SRK&K).


Haha, I'm reading this and i'm like what are they talking about? Haha, I don't even know any of these actresses names or who they are. Pictures anyone?


Bieluvr said:
Haha, I'm reading this and i'm like what are they talking about? Haha, I don't even know any of these actresses names or who they are. Pictures anyone?
Haha. Here you go Bieluvr:
Madhuri Dixit (One of Bollywood's greatest.)

Cr: mashedmusings
Deepika Padukone (Sounds like a Thai name.)

Cr: fashionminutes
Juhi Chalwa (I miss her beautiful smile.)

Cr: cbazaar
Aishwarya Rai (I think she's the most beautiful Indian actress)

Cr: shinja
Preity Zinta (I love her dimples.)

Cr: bollywoodsargam
Kareena Kapoor (I personally think she doesn't suit SRK at all.)

Cr: hdwallpapersarena
Rani Mukherjee (I love this gal.)

Cr: mastitrain
Kajol Devgan (Personally, I think she suits SRK the most.)

Cr: The internet. Can't remember where I got it. Sorry.
Just look at them. Aren't they cute together! Haha.