WHo in here like's Cee Siwat?


sarNie Elites
i likw Cee is cute :wub: and also i like that he going out with the person i like too Amy and Cee they so cute together :wub:


sarNie Juvenile
I love Cee. I think he is so HOT!! I always liked him since Benja Keeta Kwarm Ruk.


Who doesn't like him, his personality is so cute and fruity..lol. Like like him but not his girl, i really don't know why too... i think that the best role he played was in the movie Oun Ai Ruk with Tangmo, Tle, and cheer.


sarNie Juvenile
Sorry.. but is there anyone in here who dislike him? Because I'm one of them. I did loved him in Oon Ai Ruk. :mellow: But.. umm... now. I think he's getting way too much attention. He's not that good looking eighter. :(

sorry.. only my thoughts... don't come after me. :D


sarNie Juvenile
Count me in, i mean, liking cee. but i do agree he's getting too much attention. but oh well.


I dont know him...I've seen a pics of his posting for some kind of magazine or stuff with Amy. i think he is okay.