WHO'z all pack up to see p' soram thepitak


sarNie Hatchling
if ur going...i envy you

if ur not going.....you and i are BIG loserz..juz cry with me

is he really no coming to mn or wi.....man...at least go to fresno or sacra...where all the hmong ppl r


sarNie Adult
He is coming MN.
Also he is going to Fresno.
So whoever want to meet him, get the money ready.
It's a once of life time.


sarNie Adult
uh.. didn't he come to july 4 like, 3 years ago or so?
well I'm not a fan of his so it's ok that I'm not going..
But... if it was Tik, I'd do whatever it takes to go.. lol


sarNie Egg
i'm going for sure since it is really once in a life time! So glad that he is coming to Fresno...My dad got his ticket already so i have to get mine...Anyways, he knows that there is alot of hmong peeps in Fresno so maybe that is why he decided to come here. However, i'm afriad i might not get a ticket since majority of all the Hmong-Thai whom just settle in Fresno are all going! :eek: LOL, i guess i have to fight my way there! Anways, me and my friends are all planning to go and if we are lucky enough then i really wish to take a picture with him! I bet he would looks hotter in person! :p


sarNie Juvenile
the last time he came to MN was so boring. he only sang a few songs then that's it. 90% of the time was entertained by some unknown hmong band.


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
dang! I want to go to MN so bad and see him! i don't care if he doesn't sing most of the time cuz i bet this would be the only chance in my lifetime to get to see him!!!!! *cry* Of course, it WOULD be better if he sang more this time but i still want to there and actually experience being in the presence of my favorite actor!!!!! XD

gosh, this is killin me... besides, it was real sweet of him to include inviting his hmong fans. :) That just makes me respect him even more. he's so great!


sarNie Hatchling
ill fight for any one...

hey Quarter...im with you....i'll fight for harry...but too bad...im the only winner

didnt noe he was comin to fresno man i piss..he missed me by 3 years...while i live there nothing happened...n now he's going back to my hometown..while i cry over in tis lil town in wi


sarNie Oldmaid
goodness...i have the poster..i'll scan it 2morrow..but i reallie wanna go too..i'm not in love with the guy or anyting...but i'm a big admirer...i'm scary the tickets are gonna be sold out too...**tears**...but i hope Tai Oratai is gonna be there too cuz i know she's gonna be there w/ him in LA...**cross-finger**


Tell me about it.
ill fight for any one...

hey Quarter...im with you....i'll fight for harry...but too bad...im the only winner
i thought you wanted soram (sp?), i'm the one who wants prince harry. winner what? did you misspell that? i think it's spell "loser". =]


sarNie Adult
more info on this please please!!! the concert takes place like right next to where my mother lives! so happie! i would go to any thai celeb's concert where i can go. please someone post more info. i hope it's true!


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I agree it is a once in a lifetime chance!!!!!!!!! I saw him when he came the first time but I'm still going to see him again b/c I love and miss him!!!!!!! I don't care how much it cost and I am willing to travel the distance. He's not coming to Milwaukee but I'm going to MN to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruk Sornram forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sarNie Hatchling
they have all the info listed on another the thai topic and interlove has a topic up about it

oh and please, because i am hmong too, people who go please be a lil more respectful
last time there was this girl who kept going on stage and dancing after he asked her to get off, 4 her own safety but she wouldn't listen. oh just to let u guys know he is the kind of guy who would rather see you have fun and enjoy the time then worry about making as much money as possible. so if you want give him stuff, like gifts or flowers and if u want to give him money make it into something not just had it to him on stage. i'm not saying he won't take the money but that is not his focus.

anyways i'll be there no matter how dumb it might be, but this time it is different people sponsoring him so i think it will be fun. i hope a lot of people go, but not so much cuz there needs to be room for me!!!!! You can spot me cause my mom's the one who waves at the stars, well at least that is what she did to captain, my mom is a fob!!!!!!


sarNie Hatchling
oh i forgot his name is sornram or u can call him num (his nickname and what he goes by, its a thai cultural thing cause their real names are so long that parents automatically choose a nickname when they are born)


dee oNe aNd oNlee sUnNy!!!
can someone confirm that he is coming to fresno?

the Fresno on ISH CONFIRM! ...i'll have the information from the lady shortly and will post it up! cuss it was scheduled for him to go there until last week when the Fresno sponsor called and told us they wanted him to make a stop there since he'll be in San Diego and L.A. so you guys are very LUCKY!


sarNie Adult
do you guys know who's hosting it?

cause i saw the poster at golden bowl.
yes, i live in fresno.

i almost screamed my ass off.
and i almost hijacked the poster.

door is like... $30.
and v.i.p is like... $50.
i think.
if i remember well.
i forgot to get the #.

i think, if i remember.

i looked like a crazy girl smiling, screaming 'oh my gosh!' by the door.

i wanna go!!!!!