Winds Of Desires ~ ( chapter 2 up! )


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Meeting the Characters:

Mint Chalida as Mint: Mint is a wealthy women but was left behind by her parents at a very young age. Mint and her older sister Yaya, began living on their own. As they grew older, Mint fell in love with a handsome boy name Mark. Before Mint told her sister about Mark, him & Yaya had already met accidentally & fell " in love " too. Mark left Mint not knowing that the other girl he was talking to was her older sister. When Mark found out, he still didn't care & began doing what he was doing. Mint didn't want to interfere because Yaya was happy & they both haven't had happiness in a long time since the accident of their parents.

Mark: Mint's ex " secret lover " . Is wealthy & selfish, the player type. But is very handsome.

Yaya: Mint's beloved sister. Very beautiful & outgoing.

Nadech: Mint's & Yaya's friend since childhood.

Kimberly: Very beautiful but has a cold heart. Jealous of Mint & Yaya.

Aum: Mark's cousin. Handsome, flirty , but is committed once he finds the " one" .

Aff: Mint's & Yaya's cousin. Beautiful, kind & is hard to get when it comes to love.


sarNie Egg
Chapter 1

As I was staring out my window waiting for the sun to come out, I heard voices coming from downstairs. I grabbed the stick that holds my curtain on my window & went down my stairs. Quietly & slowly. I seen a mysterious figure, but I couldn't see their face because it was to dark. I walked towards the person as he or she turned their back & I held up my stick & hitted them.

Hey what are you doing!? He wraps his arm around me tightly & slips the stick on the ground, making a thump.

Mark? I whispered quietly.

Mint? Why did you just hit me? He sounded a little hurt.

I.. I thought you were a thief.

Well I'm not.

I'm.. I'm sorry. You can let go of me now.

Why? I don't want too. He hugs me even tighter.

Mark let go of me this instance or I'm going to shout out rape.

He laughs. " I don't think that's a bright idea Mint. I mean what if your sister hears & starts to get all suspicious about us? She wouldn't be to happy with you don't you think?

Your a jerk..

A jerk you once loved though. He smiles.

I smiled back. " ONCE" is right.

What do you mean?

It's past tense & I'm saying your right about it?

You know you can't erase the memories we had, & especially that one night that we shared. He smirks. I'm sure you remember?

Shutup. I've replace you a long time ago already.

He looks mad? " with who? Nadech?

None of your business.

He laughs. What a downgrade.

Nadech has a better heart than you!

Heart? I know. But not the looks.

Looks don't mean anything to me!

He finally lets go of me.

Mint?Mark? What are you guys doing down here so early?

Nothing.. I was just hungry . I hesitated.

I was just about to make breakfast for us. She laughs. What about you Hunny?

Same as her , he laughs. Lets go shower first. He smirks at Yaya.

Stop.. I'm embarrassed. She hits Marks shoulder as he was holding onto her.

I letted out a fake laugh. I may go now.

Where are you going?

To my room. Then I'm out.

To where? Nadech's?

Mark stares at me. Yeah..

My little sister is growing up so fast . She laughs.

I smiled. " I know"

Yaya & Mark then walked up the stairs. He was still staring at me. He stare was so fierce for some reason . I don't know..


Nadech has already picked me up , & me and him then went to some restaurant.

I miss you. Very much. He laughs.

I miss you also. I smiled.

How's everything? How's Yaya? How's Aff? So many questions went out of his mouth least than a minute.

Nadech what's up with the questions? So much! I laughed. Everyone is fine.

I'm sorry. He looks shy now.. I just miss you girls, feels like I haven't spoken to any of you in a long time.

I laughed. It's only been a week.

I'm used to seeing you everyday, it makes me days brighter. He stares at me.

I smiled . Your to sweet.

He smiles back. " to you only"


Once I got home, it was 11 pm. I'm always out with Nadech late at night because at times I always hate going home & having to see Marks face. He always has something to say..

It's late. Mark said at the top of the stairs.


I walked up the stairs as he pulled me into my room. He locks my door & pushes me on my bed. He grabs both of my hands & went on top of me.

Mark! Get off of me! I shouted

Is this what you do everyday with Nadech?

I smacked him. " none of your business"

It is! Because your my wife!

I'm not!

Don't deny it Mint! We both know that's the truth!

Well I'm Nadech's now.. It slipped out my mouth.

His voice got higher, he looked angry.. He stared at me & kissed my lips. Aggressively.

I smacked him again. Leave!

Aggressive huh? Two can play this game! He started kissing my neck & holding onto both of my hands not allowing me to escape. My tears started to flow as I was shouting at him to stop.

He stops.. & stares at me again. I'm.. I'm sorry.

I pushed him off me. Get out!

He leaves.

I layed in my bed under the sheets, as the words " your mines, your my wife " flowed through my head over & over again..


sarNie Egg
Chapter 2

As I turned off the water, I tried reaching for my towel . Owww, where is it!? It wasn't there so I figured it would've been in my room instead. So I stepped out the bath tub & walked into my room naked.

Wow. *claps claps*

Mark! Covering my private parts. Get out!

It's not like I've never seen em before. He winks at me, & then handles me the towel on my bed.

I pulled the towel hardly but he wouldn't let go. Mark give it to me! I pulled even harder making me lose my grip & falling into his arms as we both fell on the bed. We both made eye contact. The way he looked into my eyes though, it was like the same stare that hasn't change since the first day we met each other.. When we first fell in love..

He softly lifted me up & placed me under him.


I still love you Mint.. He reached in for a kiss.. He kissed my lips passionly . I didn't stop him ..


As he fell asleep, I began packing. I left my room & locked it. I walked down my stairs silently ..

Mint? Is that you?

A voice came from upstairs. Yaya? She walked down the stairs & towards me.

Where are you going? Why are you carrying all your stuff?

I.. I need time alone..

Is there something wrong?

I made a mistake..

What is it?

Yaya.. I'm sorry , I need to go. My tears started flowing.

Call me okay.. She hugs me.

I will. ( I left )


( Mark & Yaya )

Mark woke up and realized I wasn't besides him. He got up, & putted back his clothes on. As he did that, he then quickly walked out my room . No one caught him.


What's wrong beautiful?

Where have you been?

Uh.. Work .

Okay I trust you. She smiles at Mark

He walks towards Yaya & kisses her lips. Where is Mint?

She looks down. She.. She left.

What do you mean?

Last night I caught her trying to leave the house without anyone knowing.. She was carrying a big suitcase .. She told me she made a mistake?..

A mistake?

Yes.. She might just be going somewhere with Nadech.


Yeah.. Maybe.. I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

Okay Hunny. He kisses her check.

Mark then went into his & Yaya's room . A mistake? Nadech? He punches the wall.


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Thank you for the update. I love it!!! Ohhhh Mark seems maddddd but it's just messed that he kisses another girl after sleeping or "playing" with her sister. Mint is also kind of wrobg for not stopping him but you can't help who you love once the heart chooses. Will Mark follow her???? So curious. I will wait for the next chapter though. :D