Would you ever... do this...

So... my question is... Would you ever take a picture of you almost naked to someone?

**GIRLS: If you were a girl would you take a pic of yourself to a guy topless and only covering you breast. Would you take a picture of down there and almost seeing it?
**GUYS: Guys I have absolute no problem seeing their chest for its like... UNIVERSAL! keke!!!

MY ANSWER: For me honestly... I can never send a pic of me like that. I mean if I was a PORNSTAR then damn Ima up for it! keke!!! (SORRIE, I deleted the story if you missed it. I thought about it and felt bad posting it!) I mean in general if you was only seeing a guy or a girl would you send things like that to them? Jus a curious question...


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Man I missed wat you deleted...

Well anyways...I would never do that even just for my own pleasure. I feel like the image can leak out and once it's out, there is no end!


Mama Noy ♥️
oh i wouldn't. i have too much respect for myself to take a picture naked just for some damn dude.


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The only person in this world that will ever see me in any type or form like that is the man that signed my marriage certificate and the man's whose last name I'm using =/ and even that I wouldn't take pictures -.O; regardless of how much u love someone u should never put urself in that type of situation because what if you break up divorce or whatever and those pics leaked somehow;
Seriously I really wonder what guys really think of girls who does that? Do they think girls like that are easy or wat? I mean they wana show wat their momma gave them but damn like the buddies say... Ima scared if i took any they leak out somewhere too... I mean my guy friends thinks its hella HOTT when their girls send them pics like that but to me... If i ever saw them chick in person I probly talk smack to them. Eh what can I say... Ima a chick with lotsa of guy friends! :p
I keep seeing that commercial of the girl talking in the phone with her friend and her friend telling her of a picture that was spread all over. The friend sends it to the girl and she was like "It must of been that one night when I was high..." or something like that... ^_^


Tell me about it.
i dont think it's anything bad if you do it for your s/o.. it's part of the fun and game and to spice up the relationship. just keep your face out of the picture/S, please.


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how bout i take a pic of him.........

while he covers his nipples

it seems only fair
Oh gosh NP, you dork. LOLs.

I would NEVER do it. However, my little cousin, just coming out of
sixth grade took a picture of herself in a blue bra and posted it on
the internet...? Yeah. We are so different. Anyways, I would never
do that. That's just...Not me.

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sarNie Adult
i think u were born naked haha buh i wouldnt do it for a pervy guy i'd do it if we was in a good ass relationship and if he was to use them to someone then play him at his own game


hm i don't think i'd need to
but there's nothing wrong with anybody doing that
O_O as long as it doesn't get out to others haha=/


sarNie Adult
Strange question but I'll play.

Well, considering how I'll be 26 this year and (only 4 years from 30!) and I live on my own sure why not, for the topless covered part, BIG FAT NOOOO to the the nether regions. BUT, this would ONLY be with a boyfriend I've been in a relationship with for a VERY long time and have been intimate with already.

I like my body and I have no issues with girls who want to share with their signicant other but I'm also slightly paranoid that the pictures could get out some how. I may trust my boyfriend but he has friends who use his computers too and you can never be too sure about their friends.

My boyfriend's friend had taken a phone picture of his girl topless and in nothing but her thongs AND he had the nerve to send it to my boyfriend! She was laying on her stomach so you couldn't see anything but I was shocked that he would do that and I met the girl! So I deleted the photo, it just wasn't right what he did to her. Karma's a bitch because the guy moved to Vietnam and started having all sorts of issues on top of getting really sick. ^_^

I wouldn't recommend any girl do it unless they have been in the relationship for a long time and trust their bf 110% and KNOWS for a fact that he's not the type of guy that would share his photos with his friend, especially IF you guys break up. Think long and hard because it could very well come back to haunt you.


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Play it safe girls...Don't do it all? Look at the Edisen Chen scandal lol...Photos will leak somehow...one way or another and can come back to haunt you...sooo why take the risk?


sarNie Adult
ill do it to any of guys right now

hahaha jk jk

ummm ill do it when im like 60-70 idk ...

wait, nobody wanna see saggy things ............nevermind :D

seriously tho i wouldnt haha

its so not classy..no offense

i have no prob with my body either


sarNie Hatchling
yea.. i wouldnt do it either.. just like P'Tina said.. its true!! wat if that pix of you appeared somehwere else??