Wu Chun and An Yi Xuan???

Who love to see Wu Chun and An Yi Xuan make a drama together?

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sarNie Adult
An Yi Xuan

Wu Chun from Fahrenheit

I would love :wub: ^_^ ;) to see these two make a drama. If they do make a drama together I would :dude: definitely buy the drama lol :lol: .


sarNie Juvenile
wat dramas has she starred in? she doesn't look familiar to me
She has been in quite a few dramas but I think her most popular ones are Chinese Paladin, The Outsiders 1 & 2, White Robe of Love, Legend of Flying Fox and Snowy Mountain to name a few...


sarNie Adult
I'd like to see more of her and Vanness Wu together. Also her and HuGe. I want to see how Ady and HuGe's chemistry is and how good those two are together. I've been devastated that she had to die in Chinese Paladin and leave Hu Ge for LYF. :'[ Anyways, I think she'll look good with him. I'd like to see how good their chemistry is.