Yay or Nay to Violet

Pick a color you'd like to be

  • Violet

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  • Yellow

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  • Gray

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  • Black

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  • Teal

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  • Beige

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Leave Me Alone!!!,
Okay so according to many people the color violet seems to be known as broke back and/or gay so take a vote for the color that you'd like to be, or you'll be stuck being violet... :mellow: the color with the most votes will be the color used :D have fun


i love teal..one of my fav colors..but too bad im stuck with being "green" lol


Sarnie Clown!
Good job Darv!! About time you unilaterally decide to make everyone black. You give these people color and then they start complaining and trying to "decide" what color they want to be. It's time to let them know they don't really have a say in the matter.


i like my color. can others be gray looks unique and chic. lol

in other words, my color sticks out more lmao :p
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