Young Baby Shaman


sarNie Adult
omg. this leaves me speechless. is it real or fake?

if it's fake, is it that fun to pretend that you're a shaman? weird.
According to others, it's fake.

Haha, yeah. It's really "fun" to pretend to be a shaman until you're actually chosen.


sarNie Egg
Oh! when shaman do this kind of things, no one can cross in front of him and that bigger boy who came to wipe the sweat away from the baby shaman just walked right through him across -- UA NEEG takes longer than just 10 minutes and this one is short -- under 6 minutes? weird! Hard to believe in my book of belief.
You're right. You cannot cross in front of a shaman when they're doing their ritual kind of stuff. My mom is a shaman and she stresses this ALL the time to us.

There's a few things you can tell from the video that shows that it's not real. The little boy that's hitting the gong is suppose to hit it until he goes into the spiritual world. And although they mention it in the video he starts hitting the gong again which usually doesn't happen again or not until later. And the little boy is doing all of this in front of a TV. He is suppose to do it in front of all the equipment like the candles, the toasted rice, etc.

It's cute though, but I don't think it's funny to imitate a shaman though....


Well, first of all, my family has a line of shamens, My greatgrandparents got it from their parents which they passed it down to my grandparents and even my step-grandparents were shamens. So i wouldn't be surprised it my brother was a shamen, but the thing is my newborn baby-brother was born a shamen. My grandmother is a shamen and she noticed the different vibe right away from my brother. So she ua neeb mus check if he brought the dab neeb for her, but they told her that they care with him for him, not her. And the crossing in front of a shamen when ua neeb is totally fine depending on what part they're at. We always pass in front of my grandma until they tell to not, and then later we do it again, but it was fine then. It's just when they were trying to pass into the other world or back is when you can't cross them because it blocks them access to go or come back which may cause death.