You're The Desire Of My Heart


sarNie Egg
Ch. 12

That evening Rita and Rome stopped by Vicky house. They cooked and eat together. Vicky places foods on Kurt s plate. “Eat more veggies. It s good for your body. Help you grow.” Vicky kissed Kurt on the cheek. “Ok, mommy.” Kurt replied. “Aunty Rita and uncle Rome looked what uncle Ken brought me.” Kurt shown his bag of candies . “Don t eat too much sweet, it s not good for your teeth.” said Rome. “Yes uncle Rome.” Kurt replied. “Share with Aunty Rita.” Rita dug into the bag of candies. “Why taking candy from a baby?” Rome teased Rita. “Uncle Rome, I m not a baby. I m a big boy now. See?” Kurt stood up to shown Rome he s a big boy. They all laughed. “Uncle Rome and Aunty Rita, can you guys come play with me sometime because my mommy is going to work far away with Uncle Ken? Mommy doesn’t know long mommy will be going for because Uncle Ken doesn’t know too. I m going to miss mommy this much.” he put up a sad face and stretch his little arms as far and wide back as he can to show how much he s going to missed mom. “Aw… mommy going to miss my little prince a lot too.” Vicky kisses him. “How about Aunty Rita and uncle Rome takes you to Funland this weekend?” Rita smiled and kissed Kurt on the cheek and Rome smiled. Kurt jump with joy.

That morning Ken come to pick up Vicky early, just in time Vicky walked Kurt to school. “Uncle Ken...Uncle Ken.” Kurt runs to hugged Ken. “Hello my big boy. Did mommy tells you uncle came by the other day?” Ken picks him up and kissed his little cheek. “Thank you uncle, for the candies you brought for me.” Kurt smiled. Ken offered to take Kurt to school and go straight to Puket. Ken help Vicky put her bag into the car. “Be safe, my dear.” Aunt Pat hugged Vicky.

They drop off Kurt at school. “Do you want anything? Uncle promise to buy you anything you want. So tell uncle what you want?” Ken asked. “I don t want anything Uncle Ken. Just bring my mommy back to me.” Kurt replied with a smiled. “Mommy will call you every night. Be sure to do your homework. Aunty Rita and uncle Rome will come help reads books for you. Be good and listen to Grandma Pat. Ok?” Vicky hugged and kisses him before let him walked into class.

Vicky wave bye and tears filled her eyes. She had never parted from her son. She wouldn't know what to do for not seeing her son for days. Ken tried to leave her alone because he doesn’t want to upset her. Vicky rests her eyes throughout the whole way there. They got to Puket and Ken parked his car near the shored. He sat beside her like a statue and watches her sleep peacefully. He moved a string of hairs off her face with his hand. He touch her long lashes with the tip of his finger. ‘so beautiful’ he murmured to himself.

The sun is about to set. “Vicky…?” he tapped on her left arm. He wanted her to watch the sunset with him. Vicky tossed and stretches herself. She slowly opens her eyes. “We here already?” she asked. “No.” Ken replied. She opens her eyes widely to scan the views. She was speechless seeing the beach and the sunset. She step out of the car and took off her shoe and walked on the wet cold sand. She took a deep breath and smiled.

They sat on the shored and watch the sunset together side by side. “Kurt once promised to bring me here long time ago but we never have the chance.” she faked a smiled. “Why?” Ken asked. “We were too young. And even Kurt know how to drive he still didn’t want to drive us here. He said it was too far.” Vicky held back her tears. Ken got up on his feet and offered his hand. “Here.” Ken smiled. “What?” Vicky curious. “Give me your hand.” Ken offered his hand and helps her on her feet. He take her hand and they runs on the shored. They laugh and scream in happiness.

He drags her into the wave. “No, no, no. Ahhh…” Vicky screamed in fear. “What?” Ken turned to asked her. “I can t swim. Let me go. I m scare.” she fight to let loose. He holds onto her hand tightly. “Why scared when I m here to protect you. I won t let go of your hand. I promise.” Ken smiled and continued to drag her deeper into the wave. She holds onto his arms tighter. Suddenly the water was up to her armpit and she feel like she was floating because she can t feel the ground with her feet. She clutch onto Ken as she was frighten. She wrapped her legs around his waist without thinking about anything else but fear. “Don t be scare. I m right here and I won t let go of you.” Ken face was fixed on her. He slowly moved his face closer to her and their lips almost touched. She studied Ken s face and wish it was Kurt. They are exactly alike. The face, the body and even their scent. “Ken?” Vicky brought them back to reality. Ken clear his throat. “Here let me carry you to the shored.” Ken finally said. “Please.” she pleads.

They sat on the shored to dried themselves. “We need to get going. It s about to get dark.” Vicky asked. Ken got up on his feet without saying a word. He didn’t want to leave yet. He still enjoys the moment. He reaches out his hand to offer help. She smiled and grabbed onto his hand and let him help her on her feet. She walked back to the car with him followed closely behind.

Suddenly she feels something sharp poked her right foot. “Ouch.” she cried. “What it is?” Ken worried. “I don t know. I felt something sharp poked my right foot.” she cried. He tried to clean the sand on her foot off with his hand but there was not used. He then lifted her up and carried her in his arms back to the wave. He washes her foot while carried her in his arms. He took a closer looked at her foot and notice a hole that look like a bee stung. That area became swollen. “What it is?” she asked. “It looks like a bee stung.” he replied. “I didn’t know there are sand bees in this area?” she surprised. “Don t worried you will be fine. Let just go to the hotel and apply some medicine on. The swollen will surely go away.” Ken conformed her. “Ok put me on my feet. I can walk.” Vicky shows confidantes. Ken set her on her feet and watches her tried to walked away. She tried to steady her walked but fail. Ken walked up to her and swept her off her feet and carried her to the car without asking for her permission.

He set her in the passenger seat and washed her feet with the water bottle they have in the car. “You don t have to do that.” she puzzled. “Do what?” he asked. “ Nothing.” she replied and their eyes met. Their hearts pounded loudly. Vicky looked away to clear the tension. Ken took a closer look at her foot again and gently blow on the area. She reach out to touch his face with her hand. “Ken, please don t do that.” she asked whiled stared into his deep brown eyes. “Why? Does it hurt?” he asked fixing on her face. “No. it didn t hurt.” she lied. “Can we go now. It s getting dark now.” she asked. He nodded without saying a word.

He drove them to the hotel and carried her out of the car. “Put me down. People are staring at us. They will mistake us for..” she stopped. “For what?” he smiled. “ For you know?” she replied shyly. “I don t. Tell me?” Ken asked trying to get her to say the word couple. “Nothing.” Vicky replied. Ken asked the worker to bring her a wheelchair. He set Vicky in the wheelchair and pushed her into the lobby.

“Hello, you two must be newlywed couple? Such a loving couple. We welcome you and thanks for having your honeymoon here at our resort.” one of the worker greet them as he pushed her up the check in desk. “No you re mistaking. He was Mr. Ken Theeradeth the owner here and I m his secretary. We are not in any relationship.” Vicky explained. Ken just stood there and chuckled. The worker puzzled because they do look like a newlywed couple.

The workers at the desk introduced themselves and greet Ken. “sorry but you two look so good together.” she said as she hand them the key to their room. Vicky shook her head at the worker and rolled her big eyes at Ken for not saying anything. “ Call Mr. Chachai to let him know I m here. And let the people in charge in each department know we are going to have a meeting about the new building tomorrow morning at 8.” Ken ordered. “Yes, Mr. Ken.” she replied. “Tell someone to bring me medicine for my so-call wife/secretary. She got bee stung.” Ken teased. Vicky looked up to Ken and gave him the mad looked. “Ok Mr. Ken.” the worker replied. Ken pushed Vicky into the elevator and up into their room.

The room was a master suite in the top level. It has a king size bed, living room, bathroom, dining room, kitchen and a balcony. “ You can go to your room now. I will be ok alone.” Vicky kicked him out. Who said this is your room?” he smiled. “Fine. Where is my room?” Vicky asked. “Here.” Ken replied with a smiled form across his face. “But you said… ?” Vicky confused. “Yea, my room with you. We share this room. Remember what Chaya said? We are the newlywed couple so she only gave me one key.” Ken teased her. “Then I’ll go book myself a room.” Vicky smirked. “All the rooms are booked.” Ken lied. “I will go ask her.” Vicky rolled her wheelchair toward the door.

There was a knock on the door. Ken rushed to open it before Vicky. Chaya has the medicine in her hand. “Here is the medicine for bee stung. Can I come in so I can help apply this to Miss Vicky?” she asked. “ I got this.” Ken took the medicine from Chaya hand. “ Miss Chaya, is all the room here are booked? Is there any room available?” Vicky asked. “You can leave now.” Ken wave for her to leave. “Sorry Miss Vicky, I have to go.” Chaya excused herself.

The door closed behind him as he smiled at Vicky. Vicky was mad but can t say anything. Ken got down on his knees and touches her foot. He applies the medicine to the area where the bee stung and blows on it. She watches him and smiled to herself. He was not a bad person as everyone thought. He actually a very romantic guy just like Kurt. She wonders who s going to be that lucky woman. She was a lucky woman herself because Kurt loves her with all his heart. The thought of Kurt made her cried. A tear drop on Ken s hand. He looked up and she tried to hide her tears. “Did it hurt?” Ken asked. Vicky shook her head to let him know it wasn’t hurt. Ken blow on the area again. “I m sorry if I hurt you again. And made you think of Kurt.” Ken felt guilty because he know how much she missed Kurt. “ Ken, you can stop now.” Vicky stared into his eyes. “Why?” Ken asked. “I don t know too.” Vicky finally smiled.

For the first time she actually feel comfortable around Ken. Her smiled made his heart beats with joys. “You should smile more often. Have anyone ever told you that you have to most gorgeous smile ever, which can melt any man s heart. When you smiled, it light up the whole darkness.” Ken praised her beauty. She smiled and thinks back to what Kurt said about her smiled. It made her happy. It s like Kurt entered Ken s body and praise her. “Yes, Kurt had.” she smiled.

Ken went down to the restaurant to order some food for them after he help her sat on the couch and turn on the TV for her. Vicky have her chance to be alone. She took out her cell phone from her purse that were next to her and called the house phone. “Hello?” Aunt Pat answered. “Aunt Pat. It s me. We are here.” Vicky replied. “I was getting worried not hearing anything from you. Why you call so late?” Aunt Pat asked. “There was a little accident when we got here so I don t have the chance to call until now. I apologize if I made you worried.” Vicky replied. “What happen?” Aunt Pat worried. Vicky explained what happen and told her she was fine now. “Take care of yourself, sweetie.” said Aunt Pat. “ I will.” Vicky replied. “Where s Kurt?” Vicky asked for her son. “He was outside in the porch with Rome.” Aunt Pat replied.

Aunt Pat went outside to give Kurt the phone. “Did mommy call?” he asked. Aunt Pat smiled. “Mommy… mommy. I miss you so much.” Kurt said with joy. “Mommy misses you a lot too. Sorry mommy can t be there to hold you to sleep and read to you. You sleep with Grandma Pat ok. Mommy will come home soon.” Vicky cried with joy of hearing his little voice. “Ok mommy. I love you mommy.” Kurt replied. “Mommy loves you more than anything in the world, my little prince.” Vicky cried. She wish he was right next to her. There was not a day go by that she didn’t think of his little face. He was her world and the strength that keep her living. “Mommy Uncle Rome wants to talk to you.” he handed the phone to Rome.

Aunt Pat told Kurt to go inside because she knew Rome have something to say to Vicky. Rome had already asked permission to be with Vicky from Aunt Pat. He asked to take care of her. Aunt Pat let the decision to Vicky. But deep down inside, she hope Vicky will give Rome a chance. Because she to know that Rome loves her with all his heart. Rome can take care of her and lil Kurt when Aunt Pat not around. The only thing that Aunt Pat afraid was Ken coming into Vicky life. She most afraid was if Ken family found out about Kurt existing. They will take him away from Vicky.

Rome took the phone from Aunt Pat. “Is everything ok there?” Rome asked. “Everything is find. don t worried.” Vicky replied. “ Have you eaten yet?” Rome asked. “I have.” Vicky lied so Rome won t be worried. “Thank you for being there to keep Kurt company.” said Vicky. “Please don t thank me. I m tired of hearing you thank me lately.” Rome chuckled. “Ok Mr. Bodyguard.” Vicky chuckled.

Ken opened the door and closed it behind him. He saw how happy Vicky was when she s talking to Rome. Vicky wasn’t pays attention. She thought he will knock when he come. He stood there and listened to her conversation with Rome. He was jealous when Vicky jokes with Rome.

He watch with jealousy. “Can you change the word thank to something else?” Rome asked. “Change to what?” Vicky asked him back. “ Word that lover use.” Rome replied with a little laugh. “But we are not lover.” Vicky replied. “If you give me the chance. You know I’ve been waiting for that chance.” Rome asked. “Rome, please. We’ve talk about this already. You should know how Rita feel about you.” Vicky replied. “I know but I don t look at her like that. You know?” Rome asked. “But…” Vicky couldn’t finish. She doesn’t want to hurt Rome s feeling. “Please give me the chance to prove myself.” Rome begged. “You re too good for me. I m not good enough for you. I don t deserve your love. You need someone like Rita. You know her. Rita is a good girl. She s innocent and pure not like me. Please give her a chance then you will learn to love her.” Vicky pleads. “Rita was a good girl but I don t love her, I love you, Vick. I’ve feel in love with you the first time I saw you. I don t mind about your past. Please give me a chance to prove my love to you. I know you still love Kurt and I know I can t replace him but please let me fill the empty space in your life. Give me a chance to be part of your life. You don t have to love me but please let me love you and take care of you.” Rome begged. Vicky doesn’t know what to say. It s like she stuck in the corner and no way out. “Please give me some time to think it over.” Vicky asked.

She know she don t love him like how she love Kurt. She only sees Rome like a big brother. But she doesn’t want to hurt him too. Sometime she wishes she could share her love with him and look at him more than a brother. “Please give me your answer when you get back. I cant wait any longer. I feel like dying when I think of you slipping away.” Rome expressed. “We will talk when I get back ok. Goodnight. “ Vicky replied.