[CH3] Lai Kinnaree (Act Art): Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya


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They're HERE

She's playing Pudsorn's mom... Oh Anuchyd is Yaya's dad, Mor Mod but in his younger years.

Mint is actually playing Luang In's dead wife... so it's interesting to see that coz she's only mentioned in the book but has no scenes. So it makes me wonder if this lakorn will have lots of flashbacks or start before the murder. I thought she was playing Luk Jan, Pudsorn's cousin... but in this pic it depicts Pudsorn's jealousy which doesn't exist in this scenario... she's not jealous of his dead wife but was jealous when she thought Luk Jan and Luang In were an item....so I don't know what' going on here lol



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I was really worried when Poo said they were using a new camera for the fitting but the fitting pictures and the trailer came out a lot better than I expected! The majority of the cast really suit their role but damnnnn, the male cast is on point :love: NY look really good and the fitting made me even more convinced that they are perfect for their roles; I can't believe it took so long for them to get a period lakorn! Like m3lhouse already mentioned, the camera they used is the one used for Avatar and it's one of the only 3 cameras of its kind in Thailand, so I really hope they've gotten help/info on how to use it; if Act Art can use the camera to their advantage and nail the script, LK could turn out really good. I hope they don't plan to drag the Luang In and Duangjan scenes too much or add more than necessary unless they plan on giving us a minimum of 16 episodes...

A few more fitting pics:
Some more pics from the blessing ceremony cuz NY's visuals is insane :love::love:



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