[CH3] Mia Luang (D One TV) : Jui Warattaya / Smart Krissada / Cris Horwang


sarNie OldFart
I like the lakorn Smart was in with Matt...he was bad, OK, charming and goes back to stiff all in one lakorn lol.


sarNie OldFart
Production is actually D One TV. Odd, they said Kantana negotiated to remake this.
จากบทประพันธ์ที่ทุกท่านรู้จักกันดีของ "กฤษณา อโศกสิน" ถูกนำมาผลิตเป็นละครอีกครั้งแล้วโดย “น้อง พรสุดา ต่ายเนาว์คง” ผู้จัดค่าย “ดี วัน ทีวี” ออกอากาศทางช่อง 3 


Mrs James Ma


sarNie Adult
Other productions are not willing to take up the newbies yet and since Kantana produced the Face then it's like the kids are now part of their fam. I think CH3 already have enough newbies, but they keep on bringing in more.


sarNie Hatchling
Jui needs to stop selling herself short. Shes nangek material but takes rai roles. We already know she can play rai after STT.


sarNie Egg
wooo I think that Smart is the perfect pra'ek to play this role honestly lol 
he's got the sorta stony face and his acting suits it too. 
who is Jui gonna play? I'm a bit confused lol