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  • vickbenson51@yahoo.com dearst one
    my name is miss vick benson i see
    your profile today in this site asianfuse.net
    and i became intrested in you
    i will also like to know you the more
    and i want you to send an email to my
    emil address so i can give you my
    pictur for you to vickbenson51@yahoo.com
    i believe we can move from here i am
    waiting ...
    Owwww......im late wit the reply lol just saying hi from sarn world
    I Dont Want Hurt Another Person Feeling Ever Again... This Is The Most Guiltiest Feeling I Ever Felt. Let Me Vanish If You Will, I Just Cause Too Much Pain...
    And If One Day, If Annie Chea Is Mourning Because A Loved One Has Pass Away Then I, Carrie Sim, WIll Beg The Lord TO Trade Places With Annie Chea Loved One Or Herself, Because My Life Is Worthless...But Please Lord, Dont Take Her Smile Away, Because Thats The Only Thing That Keeping This World Filled With Life And Happiness. Look What I Have Cause... Seem My Whole World Is Washed Away... I Dont Wa
    And If I Do Then It Just Tears In My Eyes. Cee Miss You For Everytime Minute That Pass By And Cee Love YOu For Every Chance That I Get TO Talk TO. But Now, Im Waiting Patiently For Answers. So Please Tell Me. And If You Wish Not To Talk TO Me Anymore, Then Let Me Thank You For Every Moment That I Spent With This Angel And Let Me Pray To The Lord For YOur Protection And Happiness And If One Day, If
    I Used To Not Talk Much At School And I WOuldn't Even Have A Smile On My Face But Just Frowns. Since Then All I See Is A Smile On The Mirror And Im Always So Excited Everytime I Wake Up So That I Can Talk To YOu. I Would ALways Anticipated YOur Every Message That YOu Left. It Seem That YOu
    Would Always Make Up My Whole Day, And YOu REally Do. I Cant Go Through A Day Without You And If I
    And Hate CEE Forever...Then I Will Just Find My Own Way And Let Memories Float On In My Head. I Will Just Be Myself, A Loner As Always.But I Broke A Trust And I Know Its Difficult For YOu To Forgive A Jerk Like Me. I've Been Feeling Empty Inside Ever Since I Haven't Been Talking To You, To Tell You The Truth. You Change My Life Dramtically, Did YOu Know That Na Jaa? I Used To Not Talk Much
    Is There Anyway i Can Make It Up To You..? Please Tell Me...Because Now You And I Are Both Hurt But It Wasnt Inteneded To Be...Except For Me..I Deserve Every Bit Of It...And If You Dont Want To Talk To Me Anymore...Then I Will Fall Deeply, And Be Feeling So Down. And Im So Lucky Just To Meet A Freind Like You But I Think Of You As More Then A Freind. So If YOu Completely Ignore CEE And Hate CEE Fo
    Lol Nie well now u know and u can come comment me!!! I miss u sweetie and hang in there with school! :)
    Just Say Haie
    And Take Care Na Jaa LoL. And Leave a Little Smile :D haha
    LoL.. Haie AnNie!
    Just Dropping By Na Jaa! Was Wondering Where You Were...Well Have A Great Day Na Jaa!
    Hi Nie. I am the first to leave u a comment here, I'm so proud of myself. Well i am just looking for some people to add on my cool friends list and of course u get to be on my list because you are cool. Luv u lots!
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