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  • i know im late for saying this but....what happend to SaRN Radio?!?!
    everyone got a life outside of Sarnworld Radio lol.... i know you miss it... cause i am...
    i know im late for saying this but....what happend to SaRN Radio?!?!
    i'mma post it up soon... just too much to choose from atm.. anyways an Album from you?? wow i feel honor :) i wont promise u a yes cause my mic isnt being nice to me.. but details i would like to know please?? :)
    so lekkie......wheres the pics? lol its okie if you didnt post it yet. so how are you? ohh and i have a huge favor to ask. would like to join me on a album i hope to make with your help? please lekkie would you work with me? ill tell you more detail about it when you comment back ok bye.
    hey Cee..... omg i had a blast that night :) the performance turned out great and gawly half of the people that was there was up dancing..... funny i know..... well thanks for keeping up with me.... i'll show pic's later k... bye
    lol Cee u dork, i'm performing tomorrow.... yeah i'm still nervous, i'm just glad that one of my p'sao's helped me find all the backtracks that i needed... now i feel comfortable singing it :) thanks for ur concern... maybe i'll update with pic's for u to see some k.. thanks lek
    lol thanks sweetie, ur too cute!! Happy New Years and dont get too drunk alrighty...lol jkjk bye
    hey Cee thanks alot for the comments and thanks for stoppin by my site lol anywho...umm...anyhow what was i going to say...i forgot!
    I see ur not a Lekie_lucious fan..tsk tsk tsk, i'll be sure to erase ur comment on the talent thread...sigh it's okay act like u dont remember, just wait until i become big, i wont mention ur name :p jk...lol
    i'm doing great-o and i have no life...lol....jk blame it on College!!!! anyways u planning to fall asleep on me if i do sing to u live??? anyways goodnight to you u oil wanna be :p jk
    Dude what's ur country?? and why Tae again?? are u meaning Tae Satawat?? lol@u....anyhoot how are u doing??
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