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  • hey . thanks .. lol after what a year or two ?! ( the songs ) .. you know i'm picking you up right. shout back and tell me :)
    Sexy Sarath you have to let me hear you sing. I left the yahoo conference too early and when I remembered you all signed out.
    but your not wat? o-o hey can i just send you the money thru paypal? Do u have it? x-x but yeh i needa go buy stamps first since they change the price agen <_< i dun go out alott. only once in a while. now i'm 18 : D but its so mch mre stressful. i still can't pass my drivers test & ITS DRIVIN ME KRZY cus my parents are puttin so mch pressure on me <_<! 4x. im drivin il
    HEY CARRET! how have u been =) i know...wat ever happen to the cellfone thing. oh wells. i keep forgetting <3 <3 LOL R U EVER VISITNG STOCKTON!? so not the same takin studio pix w/o u. navy is practically a loner!!&yeh im tryin to hook her up LOL jk but yeh ur dad was tellin my mom da whole famiy is gona move down there in april or did u already?..goodbye carret family *Sniff
    hey girl.......... me miss ur dookie butt on.......where u been? tell ur cutie bro i said hey, and if he needs a date to the dance, hollar....lmfao!!! jk well u take cares k...love lekster!!
    omg how dare Cappy say what's wrong with me.....i'm so doing fine....anyways SARATH!!! what's going on babe??? ur bro's hott and i never seen him....lol..jk u know me, always joking around...nite nite...love Lekkie lek
    man girl, u need to stop hanging around XCappy cause he's bad news.....lmfao jk....anyways i is..lmfao sending my love to you and hope u recieve it sooner or later...take care bye!!!!!!!
    sarath! Whats happening? Im soo bored atm. And I second what lekkie just said. HOTT HOTT!
    When was lekkie lek ever gone? i've always been here just not active as much, i guess i need a life out of this world since someone thinks i'm have no life, who gives an f about them but anyways why is Charley Brown calling u daughter?
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