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  • My roomate is awesome and kind. I love her. I take the broom to sweep the floor once a week, but she do it everyday. Wish she'll get married with her 3 years boyfriend so soon!
    Not that I'm hating them, but, ughhh... Nad3ch and Y4Y4 are being too promoted. I get bored SOMETIME!
    Aum's version of Roy Mai OST remind me of Wier-Pancake: Yark Kohn Jai Tur. What the heck? Wake up! You're loving Aum, not Weir!
    Assignment is now finally over! I can continue watch Thai lakorn without feeling any guilty! Yeay!!! Will continue Roy Mai Ep. 6. Woah. I'm so left behind!
    I spent 12 hours to read fan-fiction: Midnight Mistress and I thought it end on page 169... But actually there are 74 more pages! Huwaaa!!! T_____T
    That one took me a whole week to finish!lol^^
    Whats wrong with me. Everytime I watch Pong Nawat on-screen, I feel wanna kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss and kiss him.
    I just came back from a 4-days camping. It was tiring, rain everywhere. I wish I could sleep the whole weekend, but... the assignments for 4 subjects must be submitted on the next week!
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