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    Just pray that she plays twin lol.

    Just pray that she plays twin lol.
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    CH3 Runway 2016 (BigVic3)

    Mario and Toey are too cute. I feel jealous for Alex lol. Hope they turn out to be as good as Mario and Mint. <333 
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    [OneHD] Tae Pang Korn (Exact & Scenario) : Son Yuke / Vill Wannarot / Bee Namthip

    As much as I love SonVill, I'm so sick of seeing them doing remakes. Why no slap kiss for them???!!! Still happy to see they reunite though.
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    [Ch7] Rak Rae (Honey & Friend)

      Thippy is subbing this.
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    [CH3] Tang Parn Kammathep (TV Thunder)

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    if you could pick a praek to be your husband.. who would it be? :)

    Khun Chai Pawornruj from Suparb Buruth Jutathep series   Seua from Pieng Jai Tee Pookpan   Plerng from Plerng Torranong
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    26? I thought 25.

    26? I thought 25.
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      There should be no problem if she plays twin heheh.
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    Congratulations Aff! new year baby girl remarks 7th year JLR anniversary lol.

    Congratulations Aff! new year baby girl remarks 7th year JLR anniversary lol.
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    [Ch3] Pee Roon Pram Ruk (UMA 99)

    Urghhh i don't want them to re-unite. As much as I love Taew and Khun Chai Ratchanon, I just don't like this pairing. Such a sad lakorn to watch when the heroin is such an excellent actress but the pra ek is horrible!
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    Favorite Prince/Princess Fantasy Lakorn

    ^lol I thought Weir's hair was the best in DDH. I thought he had his best looking in that lakorn. I never like that lakorn though. 
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    P'Aff's baby bump!

    P'Aff's baby bump!
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    Original Storyline Lakorns

    Even if they're not remakes, most of them are adaptation from books.
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    What's your most favorite lakorn from 2014?

      lol it's funny how most anticipated finally became the most disappointing
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    Supporting Actors/ Actresses worth promoting!

    I don't remember much that lakorn, but if I'm not mistaken Golf was the antagonist son who had a crush on the nang ek, and at the same time he had an affair with the pra ek's fiance. I don't really remember if his character was actually likable, I just fangirling his face haha.