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  • yes it is that song. thanks. i knew the guy looked familiar & would be one of the new groups from kamikaze.
    i like your signature banner. do you know if one of the members was the star of Waii's new mv?
    sorry about the late reply xD no i don't know the title of her albums T^T that's why its so hard for me to find them *sigh*
    LOL. 20 is still young. I'm heading on 21 next month and totally not ready for it. Ima be hella old.
    I'm not really sure what each of them have been up to. Prolly just studying. I know they don't act in dramas or anything. But I wish that they would tho...
    They've been gone from the business for a while now since the group split up :( The song I most recommend is "Chun Pid Aeng" you can search it on youtube. They have it. That's one of my favorite song from them. June (my siggy) is my fave of all the rest too ^_^
    Hi there. Um, are you talking about the guy in my siggy right now? If so, he was a singer from RS former boy band called "Brothers"
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