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  • waddee ja Laanh soot teeruk khong Naah ! ruk mark mark na ja dek noy ! doo lae tua eng na ja !
    Nai Nai. You're awesome! I love you too. But being that I'm outdated with sw happenings, Im not the first here. :( S'ok though..:D
    eh eh my nong nai!! how ish you??!! lol I'm jus showing some love to my lovely nong ruk and thanks for being an awesome at thai allstars!!! woOt!!
    hey nong'nai, i dont know u too too well but just wanted to say Howdy and ask how your doing???...... u take care dear and ttyl k... love Lek
    Hey Nong Nai i gave you a rating of five stars since you are so nice and helpful. Thanks so much for everything. Keep staying cool and sweet.
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