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  • has an emotional diarrhea... too many emotions at the same time...
    purge 'em. then make sure u drink enough water for a little rinsing :) music does wonders too ;D
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! with the coming of fall and all the beautiful colors i can't help but be reminded of you!!! take care dear friend :)
    bon jour
    I met some farangs who worked for an NGO up in Northern Thailand, helping Laotions out.
    I wonder how those things are going?
    ---it's been forever since we talk dear and i miss the color you bring to my world,,, when will you be back,,, because this friend misses your smile,,, i know its only been 3 days but it still seems like forever!!!
    happy birthday jensen! i wish u only happiness and success for each and everyday. u are a great person and u deserve only the best. best wishes!
    ---you know Dear!!! if there were more little stars to rate you with!!! your profile page would look like a clear night sky filled with little twinkling orange stars...:)
    where are u luv? i missed u the other day on msn... but i love the cute little u..well n now the big u as well ;)
    today is a better day because i have you as my friend and i will change to be a better man---Happy Easter dearest friend!!!:)
    i know you were tired yesterday but i worry about you friend so give me a holler dear when you see this...:)
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