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  • u got that extra star, just cuz u contributed to my RockStardom. so that's all the credit u get, nong :D
    ehmm ur ladys here!!! it's me Lekie_lucious!!! hahhah jkjk u old fart, how come i can't rate u? how come ur changing everyone's name?? and last question why are u so old hmm??
    Dang it old man I don't know where to begin my search for your lady. Its a hard task. I want a prize if I'm successful, a good prize too, i.e. ice cream. :D Night P'Aung.
    bug in the skins prevents people from editing their profile info
    try it controlpanel personal portal info save settings --> redirects to index
    just add a form close tag to the skin to resolve this issue
    I'm so jealous. :(
    hahahahaha T___T I'm purple...and it's kinda really ugly while EVERYONE ELSE, EVEN THE NORMAL ONES, were pink and pretty once. *cries* jk well um WHERE YOU?! Not that I want something, hehehehehehehe, you're just...not there no more...T___T Not there for me to laugh at.
    darv, it seems that with YOU, having a penis inhibits ur rational thinking, so why don't u just chop it off. LAUGH all u want, but Hilary has a chance.
    Wow I didn't know that people actually left comments for you old man. Man you even have 733 profile views too.
    DARV!! no more pinks man.... what happen to dj's having a differ color huh?? gold gold gold i tell u..lol
    YER DA BIGGEST GREENEST DURTIEST BOOGER ever encountered, please clean urself n stopping touching ppl.
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