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  • wadee n'ane..sabai dee mai?havent chat with you for the longest.hope everything is good with you na jaa=]
    diane.....where have you been? miss you on the radio. don't forget to let me know when you are on air.
    hello Miss,
    Thanks for your comments, If one day, I can be of any help, Just PM me. I'm a jukebox machine lmao !!!
    Haha, yah. My sister's avatar gif is awesome. You should put it as your avatar too. Natty already has it. We're going to start the Michelle Clan on SW.
    just feel like say Hi Hi dear been a while and a lot of conversation seems to be fading with time but i still remember the fun...:)
    Happy Easter dearest friend---may the colors of the jelly beans inspire you dear to dream more happy thoughts!!!:) P>S. miss you!!!
    Dino its the 26 of March so dear could you relay a big Happy 20th B-Day to Tem... thanks dear...:)
    hi hi dear... me just spamming laters i see you on the radio where the music mends all feelings...:)
    ohhh poke poke i see ur dj'ing :) great job and ohhh get some sleep tooo.....thanks for playing my requests.... night
    I wish i had been able to heard your DJ session 'till the end but yeah, one day i'll heard you until the end :p
    Now i have to sleep :(
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