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  • Slow ? I find the speed really ok ;). I don't know when I'll come to the US, but don't worry, it's written of my destinations' list. Right now I just want to go back Taiwan, that sure has changed my life a little. My parents are planning to involve the whole family this summer to Cambodia / Thailand / Japan / Korea. Just wait and see now, I don't know if I have some extra s
    NYU stemmed from the KF II thread lol. I'm still a Californian. And yea fat like pooh bear, round and fluffy and loves honey hahaha! Anyways congratz on you finding a gf man! When are you gonna send out the invitations? LOL. Better not get her a cubic zirconium ring!
    yes i have thousands and thousands of kids they are called "sarNies" lol :p and nope no kid for this chick yet -.-" LOL and hi hi :p long time no talk eh?
    you're acting like i have time to watch lots of lakorns, hahaha the only one since like forever ago i watched is sawan bieng that's it
    I'm watching Dao Puern Din but it that does not seem like your type of lakorn. I just like Bon k lol.
    Not rich, but enough to buy your girl a decent diamond ring. Yah D's amazing isn't she? I hope the bf she mentions is not you hahaha lau len na kum kum. So you finally a doc now?
    LOL Dyno, I obviously don't know you so you got that part right. Besides, you never know, you might tell a girl its real na haha. Cheapo!
    Wow! I haven't talked to you in awhile and you have so many girlfriends now lol? How'd you get so pimp? No I wasn't talking bout D, because I'll be meeting D's bf in Davis soon and unless you are him then....
    LOL lets go to France first. China is dumb right now. I'm on a strike lol for the way they treat the tibetans. Anyways your gf! Where is she?
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