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  • talkativechic was my first msn account ever, then i changed it to chatter_box360. anyways now i just use talkativechic just for sw dj'ing request lines for peeps who cant get/too lazy to get in flash... so they can request away.. get me now?? ohhh man ur one of my myspace buddie.. cool beans, thanks for listening to me last night, ur a sweetheart :) have a good rest of the day k.. love lek
    girl, i dunno if weekend mornings good for me anymore... the reason why i say that's cause i'm always either dead-asleep or either outta town... so yeah catch me every friday 1:30pm'ish.... which should be like 10'ish for u........
    hey JenJen..... i havent chatted with u for a while now...how are u doing missy? i miss u..... i guess i'll catch u later k..love lek
    u got the time right girlfriend...... my new session names going to be Sappy Dappy Sat/Sunday....hehe how do u like it?? i know i know it's not as cool as freakyfriday but yeah i'll work...anyways have a good rest of the day alrighty.....bye!
    Hey Jenjen, i know u've tune into my session on fridays but then i came to tell u that i'm changing my time to either Sat or Sun Morning's to Noon........ ttyl k...love lek
    hey hey JenJen.....hows it going??? ohhh u checked my profile (*pointing fingers at u*) hehe so i copied u and checked ur's out....heehe ttyl k.bye
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