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  • kob jai mak mak na ka Naah Jen ka. Noo yang yak dai lai sen kong Cee na. Ya luem aow pragah gub gradaht pai na!!! LOL.
    Happy Valentines Day dearest friend... i do not need a special day to know that you are a true friend because i know this everyday...:)
    god speed dear friend... i wish you the best in the interview tomorrow Jen'... god know you deserve it to be with mickey and the gang dear...:)
    ... i wish you all the luck in the world Jen'... remember they need you more then you need them... don't be intimidated by the suits mickey still needs you and those thugs will try and keep you from him---lol---the children need you too...:)
    Thank u naka for ur msg :)
    I can't make it tmr cuz c mon 1er jour de stage at Thai Airways donc voila lol alala j'aurai bien voulu les voir dammit s'ils viennent sur les champs tu me dis haha jy serai ^_^
    ...every castle needs a princess...and i know you will be perfect for paris...good luck dear in the advencher you seek tuesday... no matter what happens i will always remember i know this princess from france with a heart this friend often relies on when he needs to smile...:)
    ...when the music stops i always find you sing the best silence when you are away cos i always know you will return...:)
    wadee kaa n'jen soot naruk kong p'sam=]kop koon na tee pen nong sao tee naruk tee soot kong p'.hope you are doing well also sweetie=] remember waa yung mee p'sao kon nee tee ruk n'jen mak na kaa<3
    Hello P'Jen Jah.. Korp Khun Mark Mark Loey Tee Bpen Garm Larng Jai.. Hai Nong Sao Tee Garm Larng Jah Sin Warng Khon Neee!! Ruk P' Mark Nah Jah!! Muah!! and Hope You are doing well I love you!! and thanks again for being there!!
    Hi Hi Friend,,, me sends the sunshine and the full moon to capture your smile in the warm light 24/7 so my heart will always remember you Jen'!!! :)
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