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  • nononono dont be sorry. theres nothing to be sorry about :) have a great safe weekend girlie :]
    oh milwaukee's not that far, lol.
    right now it's cold && snow is on the ground, lmao.
    im older than yoopeurtur, hehe.., she seems more mature >.<
    i see that it's you who want me to make the stuff.. so what do you want? a banner? poster? or both?
    i am not sure. lmao. i think it is better off if you talk straight to Aikoden. i hope it is fine with you. because im not too sure what exactly it is that she need. she said she needs to know what to put on it. Go ahead and send her the pictures you want.good luck :D make sure to include anything you want on the banner and poster. :) good luck {:
    heyhey!! :) okay she sent a reply yesterday. And sorry i just got it right now. She said sure and just to give her the pictures. Well i check your pictures and only one out of all showed up... the one with Kwan in the blue background. Can you resend them to me or aikoden using the HTML Code? thank you :)
    oh haha, that is funny >.<
    awesomedua is your sister!! ohh, no wonder.
    lol, realli?
    you're gonna start reading DKHTl.
    hehe.., it's already complete.
    thanks, btw.
    ohh thanks for updating me, lol.
    thanks for the signature comment.
    && no i didnt make them. i found them on the net
    && just used snipping tool to make it smaller, lol :]
    I will update The Person I Call Love is You...sooner...when I finish my stories that I have right now....and thanks for reading
    sorry but aikoden havent sign in yet. so iguess we're going to have to wait a day or so for her reply back. is that fine?
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