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  • Oh :) Yeah RR who is the administrator for Fanfic thread havent been signing in regularly, same goes for the folks that goes into the fanfic thread. She keeps the thread alive lol. The one that made my fanfic banner and poster is Julie aka Aikoden. I see you already have her as a friend. I'm not sure if shes been signing in lately but i will send her a message on youtube. :)
    im sorry i havent been logging on like regularly. Is there anything i can help you with? :)
    sorry i havnt read your fanfic in a while. my internet stopped working but im gonna get back into your fanfic. i cant wait to start reading again :]
    Thanks 4 stopping by my page! Yup I started DBH, it's only 2 chapter 2, finals r coming so it's gonna take a while till i get back 2 it. Come read. ^_^
    no problem. anytime. i'm going to go read your fanfics. i'll see how it's going. i'm pretty sure you are doing great.
    DAMN...Lee Hong Ki is HOTT!!
    ''jeremey'' you know..
    he's in a kpop group called F.T. Island...
    uhmm.i don't have a picture's on this website's fanfiction called love by
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