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  • haha.. to be honest with you, I love Papaya salad, but I prefer Cucumber salad over it. My 4th was good... I ate a lot... and I mean A LOT. Pho...fish wraps with noodles... BBQ... pig intestine salad... hahaha...
    haha i will definently add you mama..yeah i've been M.I.A...lol just been keeping myself busy && trying not to think about things that will get me upset..you know what i mean..but yeah..i'll see you on myspace mama=]
    hey mama..gosh..its been so long since we last spam together=[ do you happen to have a myspace??? lol
    haha...yes i have aim but hardly go on cos i dont have anyone to talk to=[ lol how sad huh?? lol oh.my sn=sexythaichicka.....lol
    getting addicted to fan fiction... since WE are still waiting for Ken's upcoming lakorn.. :D
    wassup girl! hehe sorry yeah i've been MIA! the thread is up to 600+ now! awesomenesssss!i'll be back real soon, i promise. =) the new pics of Ken and Ann are smexyyy!!!
    miss yah too!
    oooh yeah girl..so hot that when i think of him..im like freaking burning up...lol gosh..how corny..lol
    omg..same here && everytime i hear the songs...it just get me all teared up *sniffles* ok..i need me a shot of Ken right now...lol
    i was planning to write one and same as you i don't finish my fiction stories... that is why... my proposal is to write the story, and each Sarnie member who will drop by that profile is to continue the scene... lol
    noy, how about let's make a SEQUEL of Sawan BIENG fiction story... since SB has already end. let's continue the story... but this time it's Kawee and Narin's son story... what do you think? PM ME
    girl, where were you this morning!! cant believe SB ended!! ahhhhhh
    lol! yeah after i heard that song, i actually like se7en more now.>LOL my sister's happier now too..ahha
    hey do you have yamin's waiting for you song?:) could you send it to me?:) thanks <3
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