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  • First, thank you for your hard work with all thai lakorns and the videos are really high quality. It's greatly appreciated. I'm wondering if you can upload "Chocolate 5 reu doo" as well?
    anyway, keep up your good work and thank you for everything.
    Hey Peaches! Thank you for uping all these lakorn! Your so awesome! :)
    Umm... May I ask you to reup Ruen Sorn Ruk episodes 5 and 10? The links are currently down... Well keep up doing what you do best! ^.^ Thank you!
    Peaches, I know that you upload alot of videos and your videos are so clear. How do you get your videos so clear and what do you use to dl it? Please let me know.
    Hi can you reup drama lakon "Ngao hua jai" 11-16 I can't download hotfile link , can you switch medaupload or sendspace. Thanks so much
    hey sorry to bugged you but i can't seem to download eps. 19-21 of My Daddy is a Supperstar from megaload..is there a special way to do it for something..
    hello...just wondering is there any reason of you switching to hotfile instead of megaupload???
    as i have a bit of problems with hotfile....b ut thank you so much for all your hard work...really really appreciate it...
    hi, i was just wondering if they are going to dubb "rook kard" in khmer.
    its really good! thank you,
    Thank you for uploading sooo many lakorns!
    All i remember when i upload lakorns is that A LOT of them came from u lol
    BTW is Rook Kard not airing today?
    Because I check in Obizgo and they don't have ep. 18 up either.
    Peaches! You are truly amazing for uploading all the lakorns that you upload, and you upload them quick too. THANKS so much!
    OMG, I just have to say, I found this site and found you AND you are god. Thanks for uploading this dubbed drama's!!!!
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