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  • girl.... i seem to have the hardest time sending out my comments thru myspace too.... didnt know if u recieved or not... anways it's acting gay.... i dont even want to get on it anymore.... but anyways thanks for the message girl... yes i'm doing good.. just been super d duperly busy with school since it started like last week.... im not addicted to twinkies..but it sounds mighty good right now..i love the one with the strawberry in it..mmmm yummy.but i dont wanna come out looking like a twinkie
    so are you gonna take me out ot eat while im better hurry up girl..this is a limited time
    HEY HEY!! i miss u too... i'm doing pretty good, just super busy... everyone comments me but i never had time to get back at them... how are u doing??? i havent chatted with u and p'sam in ages...... whatcha been up to? summer??? what are some of ur plans?? catch u later alrighty.... Love Lek
    haha..miss me already??of course you do..hmm..not sure when i'll be heading back..but soon=]
    your one hott looking chick already but damn, ur hair... just so speechless gosh, always so pretty and blonde.... see u girls are the reason's why my hair get fixed everymorning :) how are u doing? miss talking to you :)
    I'm as pimp as usual homes. How's life? Find a new love yet? Last time I checked you were about my age. One of your eyes is bigger than the other. Very pimp aswell...almost as pimp as me.
    i'm doing great...just busy with school here and there but man where u been? miss seeing u on!!! but yeah remember those 2 song we tried to cracked? yeah i finally know who the singers are...well u should know by now care lek
    haha...yeah..this thing is still kinda hard to figure out...but you finally got what you said.."after 10 years" lol let me add another 10 years to like "after 20 years" lmao..miss you too mama..& hope that you did have a good dont need to have a guy to celebrate this long as you have the one that you love with you right? hehe love you mama
    Happie Vday mama=] miss talking to you=[ hope that you have a great vday today & get lots of love..well you got that from me=] love you mucho
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