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    photoshop cs2 with the key generator???

    I seemed to have lost my photoshop program when clearing out a virus couple weeks back and can't find my old files to install again. I've searched all over forum and all the past links posted by tinah & the main PROGRAMS thread are all stale. Anyone still have the file for photoshop cs2 with...
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    Kev Hlub Tsis Raws Siab Xav

    Ohh, I was trying to remember what movie you were asking about since it sounded so familiar. I have that movie in hmong dubbed too and looked it up~ it's called: Passionate Dream (Jian Ba Tian Xia/劍霸天下), made in 1992. Off topic, but liked Vincent Jiao's character a lot more than Alexander's~...
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    Need Help With Old Chinese Drama (Qhov Muag Ntuj)

    The Chinese title is: 天眼 (Tian Yan); English title: Enchanted Eyes.
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    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    LOL, Pong watching 'Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tai' online~ cute! I was kind wondering too in the beginning episodes how Traipoom's going to end up~ once he loses his immortality, was wondering if he's going to die, age instantly (cause he's 400 years old!), or just start aging from that point on...
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    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    Thanks so much for the translation on the song, TheGurlo22!! Really appreciate it, and makes me like the song even more! And I really enjoyed your MVs too by the way. After I read your translation, I was looking for the main theme translation too since I hadn't seen it before (just been...
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    New and Kwan

    Hi RR! I googled the model on New's shirt and the full ad says: "Protect the skin you're in." (It's an American ad for skin-cancer prevention). New looks cute here in the photos. :)
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    need help found this old moives

    You can find the Cantonese dubbed one with subs on youtube. Look for: Holy flame of the martial world. I don't think the Hmong dubbed version is online though.
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    Need Help!!

    LOL... the second movie is: Kids From Shaolin, starring Jet Li. I have the hmong dubbed one somewhere- the title is Soj Lim & Vum Doos (Shaolin & Wudong). You can find it NaasEj's youtube channel: Sorry, first one doesn't sound familiar to me...
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    anyone knows the title of this song???

    The chinese title is: 你到底爱谁 (Ni dao di ai shei, also known as: ni dao di ai shui), english translation: 'Who do you really love?' by Liang Liang (Liu Jia Liang). Good song, I never heard of it before now. :)
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    Aeh Sasikarn Apichatworasil [Splendid Thai Couture]

    Yuck, the dark makeup and dark feel of this shoot totally ages her. The cover looks nice though (thought I do agree she looks like Noon there...).
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    Susie Susira, Yaya Usaraya, etc [Sentimental Touch]

    The purple top looks like the one from Kob's recent shoot???? lol I have to agree with onahc~ most of the outfits in this shoot are too old fashioned looking. :(
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    Paula Taylor, Tanya, & Tong Pakkaramai Protranan

    Wow, they're all so glamorous looking in this shoot.
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    Vill Wonarot [Freshy Girl]

    Cute, cute-- aside from the dress on the cover, I like that all the outfits look like they're something you can pick up at the mall and throw together for a easy, but still very pretty summer look.
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    Chompoo Araya

    I love all the vibrant colors they put on her-- and that pretty pink hairpiece. I wished they used some of the other outfits in the shoot for the cover-- hated that see through/cutout dress from the cover...
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    Rita Jensen

    So classy and gorgeous-- I want some of those dresses. :)