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  • How r you been? Miss you so much! Ok time to do my homework! hope to see you around!
    Where have you been all day missy! Did you get the laundry done? Gosh I still havent gone to wash my blankies and pillows yet! See you on MSN love!
    STARRY MY DARLING!! hehe love you laso keke you can take down Van ahhahahha can't wait til you get on!! <3 ya girl! HUGS AND KISSES! o btw its not a magic invisiblity cloak its CAMOFLAUGE LMAO!! hahh love you girl!
    If you do decide on the Zen, please let me know how it goes.
    I can tell you the proprietary files on the ipod can be annoying and dangerious when you lose files.
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