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  • drifting is not dangerous its not a drug or its not violence but yet its fun and to see how your driving skill is. Hope you like the birthday present.
    ohh everything for me is going great and tim is treating me like royalty catering to my everything haha <3 ... lol girl i'll tell you soon on a msgy or something... and you'd laugh too
    Hey Hey p'sam ^__^ gues what your hubby is tryna convince me to go drifting ...lol kidding hahaha but how are you ja? Haven't talked to you in sooooo long ... but there are somethings i know more now about somethings LOL you'd laugh oh so very hard if i told you about them LOL ...
    don't forget to pick your birthday present that I got you baby and remember read the letter its urgent!
    I MISS you!!! your bday is coming up..what are you planning to do?? let's party....lol
    I was crying cause i felt bad about the window and then I was surprise about the cake..and i cried because i was happy..thanks for everything... =]
    hey there..im good...just haven't been getting enough sleep...but i ate something wrong and i'm having an allergic reaction...they sent me home from work...but i forgot your house number...i called your cell..but you know...anyways..it was a crazy night...did you have fun?? im sorry i wasn't around that much...i was just everywhere...crying my ass out...lol..the guys, cassy, and Linda
    Hey girl.I hope that you are feeling better.I am sorry for the lost of your aunt.Even though I was there we didn't have time to chit chat.If you need anything.I am here ok.
    P'sam... ..... how are you?? I miss you and I hope you are doing better now I comment you on myspace, but looks like you don't come online much but I missss you and sandy tooo give her a big hug for me will ya and a big hug for yourself also
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