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  • Don't you just love watching lakorns with your mom or someone? I sure do! ;)
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    i dont...they keep asking questions and talking while i'm trying to focus haha...and u get taht awkward feeling when a love scene comes up and ur parents are there watching w/ u lol
    Cupid Candy
    Cupid Candy
    My mom complains too much. Watching with my dad is more entertaining. At the end he'll be like, "what the hell was that, that kiss was fake" My mom comments too much, so does my grandma, my dad does too but its entertaining cause he's a dude.
    LoL! I'm super picky wen watching with my mom, i make sure there wont be any of those perverted scenes cuz tht wud be too akward! Haha!!
    hey cee u know our complaint went onto @pantip
    news thread Rabg Ngao to get Pope as p'ek not the kane dude
    suk&anon said there's 2 stories that really good about tik-anne but she will edit it first because it was suk's first story that she wrote..
    I'm bored without anne new lakorn,thats why i read all her fanfic..
    But i guess you have other lakorn to watch unlike me,only watch anne's lakorn..
    awww thanks :) I absolutely thought they were adorable in there!! Now i can't wait for the real thing !! thanks again na >< dearst one
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