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    ❤️[true4u] Unlucky Ploy (True Visions): Green Ausadaporn / Yong Armchair / Mind Warattaya

    Freaking in love with this lakorn. Always been a huge fan of green...she can pull off all sorts of roles. Sometimes the types of plots that are given to her makes me stray...not bc she is not good but bc im picky about stuff and non-happy endings, etc. Glad she got this great script!
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    ❤️[Ch7] So Wayree (Ninobrothers): Kem Hussawee/Mookda Narinrak

    Holy crap, my dream come true type i love how hot the leads are...especially in the bed scene right off the bat! My babygirl, mookda, growing up so fast!!! *sigh*. Just died and went to heaven!!!!
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    Fake Phoenixes

    So, i started watching this on YouTube, and didn’t realize it wasnt fully subbed!!! there are like 3 different seasons. Season 1 is subbed but after that, i cant find it anywhere...anyone know of any sites where i might be able to find this series fully subbed???? Itz just getting freaking...
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    The Eternal Love Season 2 (web drama 2018)

    Omg, i cant wait...freaking out for part 3...
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    ❤ [CH7] Leh Ruk Bussaba (JSL Global): Michael Pattaradet/Peak Pattarasaya

    Lol omg I'm actually enjoying this lakorn...freaking Mike is so cute in this role...what a talent...he can pull off any role. As for peak, Itz weird that so many people have a major issue with her...hehe...I don't mind her. This kind of role is kind of cute for her. She may not be the best...
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    [CH7] Look Mai Laai Sonthaya: Pim Pimprapa/Sean Jindachot

    Yup, yup, all finished!! Omg, I almost skipped this one!! Wasnt a huge fan of sean before, but man am i into hom now. Hehehe. Enjoyed a few of his other lakorns before but bc he always had such a boyish look, so i would get weirded out watching him. But oh lord, with pim, he is so hawt...
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    [CH7] Look Mai Laai Sonthaya: Pim Pimprapa/Sean Jindachot

    Sooo, i dont know what made me start watching this as the cover, storyline or leading pairs were just so-so to me to begin with. I guess I didn’t have anything to watch, so i just randomly clicked on this. And the crazy thing is im actually liking what im watching so far. The even crazier...
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    [CH3] Kharm See Tan Don (PENPUT TV): Pope Thanawat / Chippy Sirin

    The old version was worse than
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    [CH3] Kharm See Tan Don (PENPUT TV): Pope Thanawat / Chippy Sirin

    It wasnt the best lakorn or anything but i was ok with it. Would say i was impressed with peach’s acting. Itz funny that he plays chippy’s younger brother when hez older. He has a super baby face. Hehe Oun also cries really well...
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    Thaiflix shutting down... how do you watch your thai shows?

    i was wondering why the hell it wasn’t updating new episodes...well, now i Im so dumb, should have known to come here first thing to find out info about the thaiflix shananigans!! Thanks for everyone’s help always!!
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    [CH7] Jao Sao Jum Yorm (Pordeecom) : Mik Tongraya/Pooklook Fonthip

    Oh wow, pooklook is very pretty in here! But some highlights they put on my baby mik’s hair is weird-looking at some angles!!
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    [CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

    *sighhh*. Im gonna miss this one...
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    the 13 (rescue 12 thai boys and their coach trapped in a cave)

    Ive been following this story by the happy with the progress. despite the circumstance, it was warming to see the outpour of international support and people coming together for such a dior mission.
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    My AF account has been hacked

    It was fun while it was a privilege to have been in ur shoes...u are very passionate about your posts...hahahaha...