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  • lol no problem.. 17.. you can watch rated r movies legally now lol.. haha.. j/k.. take care ^_^
    im watching quite a lot.. lol.. i never complete since i watch so many at once.. hehe.. i havent finished golf/mike first lakorn yet.. and there's already part 2.. >_<.. hehe.. take ur time watching.. i try to but im so busy with school.. school is evil... hehe lol..
    yea i like khun hehe.. n yea im into korean stuffs too but havent been updated.. that sucks for u.. i hope u'll be able to log in more often.. ^_^
    It sure is...it's one of many for a photoshoot with Taya in Praew magazine...I can send you the others if you want to see them
    lol, thanks but that's not me that make that banner thing...it's actually from someone in one of kwan's website that i got that from...as you can see at the end or underneath the pics of my signature i've credited the one who own that pics...lol
    ahaha taiwanese modern... well if u like lovey dovey i have to say meteor & II but part 2 is ok... part 1 is way better. and there's also devil beside you... i've also loved the investigation type series too like the CIA stuff.
    i listen to anything... right now i haven't been updating my music playlist so i just listen to what i have, i like rock for the most part... like retrospect. i do pay much attention to entertainment as much ne more... but yeah wu zhun is cute lol
    it runs in my blood sorta lmao... that's what it's sorta... but i am lao if that's ur question... i'm also vietnamese and thai
    lol i've told u who he is haha... it's wu zun, a taiwanese actor... as for the signature. go to my controls it's on of the things up top...and when u're in, to the left you'll see edit signature, click in to edit =o]
    well yeah gallery here is like the myspace... u upload ur pictures to it and stuff... but i've never used it myself, so i can't tell u much... wiki is sarnworlds wikipedia... wiki.sarnworld.com check it out if u want
    hello, no problem u can comment me all u want... what do u mean upload onto gallery? if you mean the gallery here in sw i don't know how u do that lol. u might be better off to ask darvil. but if u are talking about the wiki, i can help u
    sure there is... go to where ever u're looking for the music... like thai music thread for instance, scroll all the way down, u'll see a search box... type in 4 letters of the thing u're looking for like u're looking for an OST, type in something like "ost for" without the quotes... so u have more than 3 letters, 4
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