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  • Happy late birthday na, ANIE. i just realize it today. Hope you have a GREAT AND HEALTHY year na! -- Ceci
    Happy 19TH birthday ANNIE! have an awesome years and may healthy years to come .. May all your dreams and wishes come true too ^^
    it's been so long and quite lonely without you in the ff forums so just want to say hi and hope you and your sis are doing well see you soon
    ahahahah an^^ just keep sneaking up on you lol...i am going to sleep soon :D don't worry....if i get a bad grade, i will blame my husband AUM ATICHART/HARIT '08 lmao
    hi my sweet adorable an...is bau treating you well ^^ just want to stop by here and say that i miss you and i super love ya :p
    an...MY super awesome JLR sister...i hope are doing well....talking to you was so super COOL! hugs and kisses, sending you love....have a wonderful day--talk to you again soon^^
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