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  • drunk + drunk = trouble. stay away from alcohol, it's bad for u...it'll make u ferment aaand LAMENT. LOL!
    Thanks xcappy. Wow...I've been MIA for almost a year as well. Thanks for the comment. Another year it is. I'm getting old. LOL.
    You're going to have to wait at least 14 years before you see my wedding. Packy and I don't want to be married until we are in our 30's hahaahahaha.
    Definitely packy has to come to lol. We should get married in France and then vacation at Rome lol.
    I agree and he should pay for my plane ticket, hotel reservations and what I call my "goodie money" to buy gifts for myself lol.
    uh i think nai nai's conquering your wallie too.... i needa break that chain...... and add some Lekie lucious on there.... BAM!!! hahhha jkjk
    No kidding the lakorn is super boring! Cee is super cute though, too bad Noon made his lakorn suck haha I'm laying all the blame on her since the storyline practically revolved around her.
    LMAO if I find one I will share with you. Hmmm hot, let me think...have you seen the Noon concert for Pleng Din Klin Dao? I know you like her.
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