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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    interesting topic. duab ci thoj is very popular.
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    Mai Xiong Thao is Pregnant!!

    haha does paparazzi ask celebrities for permission? nope. i didn't either. "If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees." -Kahlil Gibran :)
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    Mai Xiong Thao is Pregnant!!

    I'm me, myself and I. You don't need to know who I am. I'm not a hater nor am i jealous. just because I post this, im jealous? why would I be? haha I don't air my dirty laundry for everyone to know. By the way, this is celebrity gossip news. You know what that is? If your cousin don't want...
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    Young Baby Shaman

    omg. this leaves me speechless. is it real or fake? if it's fake, is it that fun to pretend that you're a shaman? weird.
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    So many Singers sound like Maiv Xyooj

    If what you said is true, i don't understand why the producer will do that. it's stupid. maybe, money-wise but it's embarrassing when everyone finds out that you are the real singer lol
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    So many Singers sound like Maiv Xyooj

    WTF?!! why do they all sound like maiv xyooj! haha they either fix and adjusted the voice, may be the same person or its either natural. but wow! amazing! very interesting that people sound so much alike. thanks for sharing.
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    Who's prettier? Ntxhi Xyooj or Hnub Lis?

    lol I'm sorry I didn't get offended but did you? it seems like you did. Opps, I was just letting you know to stay on topic. was that too much? haha Just thought I'll point you out since there are people who goes off topic, a lot and I find it lame. Don't have to be a cow.
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    Are Hmong actors and actresses cursed?

    why, of course there are more actors/actress living than those who died lol Movies may seem like they don't do much, but it's the littlest thing that they do that matters and im not saying just because one actor died because of the movie he star in. all actors and actresses are going to die...
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    What have we all learned from watching a thai lakorn(s)?

    i learned: how to take what's not mine and how to be evil. hahaha =P
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    Lee "Eb" Lor wedding reception

    wow. i wonder how much they (she) invested. marrying him, getting him over here to the U.s and the wedding and everything. Everything must have cost a lot. He better love her or she will curse him down hehe cute couple though. glad he didn't married no old lady haha best wishes to them both. :)
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    ERE: The EP - J4 New Release (The Kong & Shu Project, Pagnia Xiong, Duce Khan)

    Good job Kong & Shu Project, Pagnia Xiong and Duce Khan. got a chance to listen to it on youtube before it got taken down. not bad. cant wait to get my hands on it. :)
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    Mai Xiong Thao is Pregnant!!

    Keep it on the DL - from her parents??? dur. haha if you read the rest of the comments, you will know that she announced it herself, online and that's where i got the news from. She's not afraid to share her life publicly. why should I?
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    Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb ghost

    Anyone who hasn't seen this movie, should definitely watch it. :)
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    Who's prettier? Ntxhi Xyooj or Hnub Lis?

    of course there are prettier girls than Hnub and Ntxhi but this topic is not about "whose prettier than hnub and ntxhi" It's just "who do you think is prettier - hnub or ntxhi." lol
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    do u "know" a hmong celebrity????

    No one likes it but when you decide to become a celebrity. It don't matter, if you are Hmong or not. You must handle all good and bad criticism.