aimee morakot

  1. inbetweener_guy

    [Amarin] Tawan Tok Din (Change2561): Yui Chiranan / Film Rattapoom / Aimee Morakot / Ohm Atshar

    One of the dramas Change2561 is producing for Amarin34.
  2. D

    [GMM 25] Club Friday Series 9

    Okay I think there are two series of this Club Friday are filming. One is "Series 9" and the other is "Celebrities stories." I decide to do this thread for this series 9 so ya will know who in which series. The press from today event: Cr to: tikwasinee...
  3. krisayaporn

    [CH3] Bpa Gaa Rung See Dum (Kantana Evolution) : Fair Gundon/Aimee Morakot

    This will be new project of Kantana Evolution but not confirm about Pra'ek and N'ek yet. They has casting   Credit : Komchadluek   Old version in 1996    
  4. Anonymous<3

    Celebrities Sing a Birthday Celebration Song for a Thai Royal

    Thanks to arasucre for the translation. The song is called "Jao Fah Kaung Kon Dern Din" and the bts video will be released on Nine Entertainment. In case I'm not able to post the video here, please feel free to post it if you happen to come across it or can find it on youtube! I want to watch...
  5. krisayaporn

    Aimee Morakot (PLAYBOY THAILAND vol. 1 no. 8 February 2014 )

    Cr :: Magazinedee  
  6. Alice

    Aimee Morakot (SLIM UP Vol.1 no.63 April 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  7. Cupid Candy

    Great Warinton, Aimee Morakot (IMAGE vol. 26 no. 4 April 2013)

    credit to Image FB  
  8. Zowie_lol_Sin

    [Ch7] Ubathteehet (DaraVdo)

    It seem the top pic was talking at Pantip [webboard Chalerm Thai] about DaraVDO have plan to remake lakorn "Ubattihet" and they said that the P'Ek n N'Ek is Om Akapan n Kwan Usamenee... อุบัติเหตุ [n.] (ubattihēt = ubatthēt) EN: accident ; crash FR: accident [m]
  9. D

    [Ch7] Aya Ruk (DaraVDO)

    This is a remake of Nok Chatchai, Mam Jintara, Kwang Kamolchanok lakorn from CH3. CH7 finally might have a cast for this lakorn. It been so long... Credit to: Thip @ SPICY Forum Link: Cast might be: Tui Teerapat Wut Adsadawut Pok Piyatida...
  10. myheromike

    [Ch7] Moo Ban Sam Ran Ruk (Dida)

    This one are already on air a while,but I has't see anyone post this topic I chose to post this topic in here. I not sure do I spell right or wrong so I will post the Thai name in here too. Here is the Thai name หมู่บ้านสำราญรัก post pic later
  11. K

    [Ch7] Krabeu Ban (Work Point)

  12. shubby

    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    this is another odd pairing couples..hehehe..but can't wait..tho...