1. maimyang

    maimyang Covers

    So shy to share this. But I’ll be posting some of my covers—from English to Hmong to Thai. I’m Not a professional!! You’ll hear my voice cracking sometimes :p ,, but I really do enjoy singing from time to time! In high school, I wanted to become a singer, because of my love for music and...
  2. maimyang

    The sharing of Hmong music thread ☝️

    Are there any new (or old) Hmong singers that have good songs? I think I have been living under a rock for far too long to know lol? The only Hmong song I've liked recently is Maa Vue's Lub Hli Puag Lub Hnub. I still like listening to Muaj Kub Yaj, Boun Mee Lee, The Kong and Shu Project, New...
  3. C

    Roy Leh Sanae Rai-txoj kev hlub muag nqis tshaj nyiag txiaj

    Please I'm trying to look for this movie starring Aom and Tik. I want the hmong dubb version. If anyone has a copy please let me know. I am willing to pay for it. I really want to watch this movie again. Thanks.
  4. maimyang

    Nang Chada song in Hmong

    I heard the "Kit Teung" song by Lydia on the Hmong radio channel once. It's by a guy but I have no clue what his name is or what the title of the song is in Hmong. Can anyone help? I greatly appreciate it!!
  5. B

    HELP FIND: Hmong Dubbed Asian Movie (Idk which one)

    So this movie was old and came out in VHS cassette and it's dubbed in hmong. I'm not sure if it's Thai or Chinese, but it's about a fat boy probably around age 12 who hated himself because he's fat. So he ran off away from home with this other fat girl (classmate) and they accidentally met a...
  6. J

    Help me find chinese movies

    I think it was a chinese drama I think..., but I only remember parts of it like in the beginning three guys were fighting someone then this girl comes out and fights with them but shes not that good of a fighter also this one part when main guy falls in love with this girl but her hands were...
  7. F

    Where can I watch/buy this old hmong dubbed, "Ua siab dav thiaj txoov kav"?

    Hello,   Does anyone know where I can watch/buy this old chinese movie that is hmong dubbed.  The Hmong title is Ua siab dav thiaj txoov kav (or something very similar).  If you know the English/Chinese title that would be great too.  I do prefer the hmong dubbed version though.   The hmong...
  8. K

    Hmong Dubbed Thai Movies

    Okay... the last time I watched these thai lakorns/movies I was like five so I don't remember exactly how the movies go, but I think this is how the plot went:     Thai Lakorn/Movie ONE: Main guy is a dating three different ethnic girls (japanese, thai, and chinese?). His "secretary?" is in...
  9. F

    CD+G for Karaoke

    Hello Is there Hmong songs that are CD+G or playable on Karaoke machine with lyrics?
  10. dee_vang

    Rent traditional Thai clothing

    Hello, Does anyone know any place in minnesota where you can rent thai traditional clothing? Thanks.
  11. nkaujhmoob08

    My Letter to god:

    God you are the most greatest thing in the world. You are the light that guides my way. You made me realized how MIGHTY you are to me. You taught me how to love and hurt and to let go. And there are reasons why it has to happens. It just tells me that I am becoming a better and stronger person...
  12. O

    Vote Brittney Thao for Sacramento Kings cheerleader

    Please vote for Brittney Thao for Sacramento Kings cheerleader. She has been in this team for a while now. Every season they have to get re-voted and they have to get enough vote to get back in the team. Vote for her @...