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  1. aikoden

    [C-Variety] Divas Hit The Road

    I just got done watching ep1 of the first season with Zhang Han, Liu Tao, and the rest. I'll probably watch it RAW and rewatch it when it gets fully subbed one day. So far though.. I have to say that I would love it if ZH was to ever be my tour guide haha :aplastao:. He's so reliable :3 I...
  2. aikoden

    [Mainland] Tiny Times 1.0 (2014)

    Tiny Times 1.0 is the 2014 drama version of the popular novel of the same title.  It has been made into 3/4? films starring Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, etc.   This here is specifically for the 2014 drama version though, starring Ivy Chen, Peter Ho, etc..... :P :P :P         I knew about this drama since...
  3. aikoden

    [Movie] Time to Love

    *coughcough*  I'm making a separate thread for this film of BBJX since it's a totally different cast and.. because it's the film version :P   Time to Love is the film version of the hit drama Bu Bu Jing Xin and it stars Ivy Chen as Ruo Xi.  There will be NO 8th prince in here, so that love story...
  4. aikoden

    [Movie] Girls (闺蜜)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tor9x8lT0fY cr:黃真真電影<閨密>     cr:gooddrama  
  5. M

    [Taiwan] Skip Beat

    Any one watching this drama??
  6. aikoden

    [Taiwan] Black & White (PTS)

    This drama just started airing and i have to say so far i'm enjoying it.. I lost interest in Vic for quite some time already but this drama made me hooked on him again .. lol.. here's the synopsis.. credit to viikii.net Pi Zi and Ying Xiong are two cops who are as different as day and night...