1. L

    Fai Luang (The bed scene) R- rated

      Mario Maurer as Naparoot (Rot) Mint Chalida Wijitvongtong as Yotien (Tien)   After the said goodbye to the manager   Naparoot: (Walking up to the workers) Wait is Yotien not going with everyone? Worker: She’s taking the bus home Rot: Well, How did you all get here? Worker: We drove here. Rot...
  2. T

    Song Rao

    Song Rao Tik- Doctor Punthanawoot or Mor Thana Aff- Aunlada or Nueng Nott- Asavee Mint- Ornsanee or Orn Song Rao is a super sad love story between two young lovers at child till grown up, even if death or fate separate them from each other. The love that they both have for one another will...
  3. chaitra


    THE BATTLE OF LOVE ( Will post the ending in 2 days)   Nadech, Yaya are our pra-nang of this story. The story basically starts with Nadech and Yaya already in a relationship enjoying their time together and working hard to achieve their goals in their career. So let’s know about our main...
  4. G

    For your forced marriage*CANCELED*

    Ok well I've decided and I think my new story that I just posted yesterday won't work out so well, and the one before that is chun mai kao jai kwam mai korng ruk is also canceled. But I'll be trying to not cancel this one because I kinda like this one. So please bear with it. But por and Vicky's...
  5. A

    You make me smile

    Hi !!!! This is my second topic the first one it's been canceled .So now I start the second one called You make me smile .We have Yaya Nadech -Kim mark - Mint is Yaya and Kim best friend .And the last Noey she is a very wicked woman . So I will post more soon ...
  6. T

    thatsouthernasianchick's creations

    I'm no pro and I'm not perfect so neither are these creations. I do these things out of my passion for art and computer graphics. I honestly don't know how to actually make these things so they all might seem to have the same concept. Also, I don't want to just create and save em on my PC so I...
  7. Alice

    Preem,Mew,Bella,Taew,Mint (KULLASATREE Vol.42 no1016 May 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  8. Bieluvr

    Love All Over Again

    Short-story for OnlyPrinChalida Love all Over Again     Cast: Mark Prin as Saengkla Kimberly Ann as Roong Mint Chalida as Aim   Aim broke Saengkla’s heart to the point where he thought he would never be able to love anyone again, but when he met Roong, she brought new colors into his life. But...
  9. F

    love,passion to conquer it's heart (Ch10 Updated 5.19.13)

    PassionConquerA Fanfic Written By 2 Authors: Fantasic_27 & Cool:)       Mark Prin Suparat   Yaya Urassaya Sperbund   Noona Neungthida Sopon   Bie Sukrit        
  10. Y

    Mistine I Am- Mint&Yaya

    All Credit To Mistine, Yaya, Mint Facebook Fanclub
  11. T

    True Love?

    True Love? Preview: Enlarge this image Mint: What is true love? I don't know and don't believe in it. Once I did and I was wrong about it. I sure have never believed that there a such thing as true love. Mark: I believe that when it come to the one you love no matter how hard it is you'll...