True Love?

True Love?

Mint: What is true love? I don't know and don't believe in it. Once I did and I was wrong about it. I sure have never believed that there a such thing as true love.

Mark: I believe that when it come to the one you love no matter how hard it is you'll do everything to get inside their heart.

Yaya( Mint's older sister): never fall for a guy that don't love you.

Nadech( Mark's best friends): you never see what you have until you lose it.
Mint 's point of view:
I was 3 years old.
Me: daddy how much do you love Mommy?
Mommy was laughing.
daddy: really much baby.
me: did Mommy and Daddy find true love with each other?
mom/dad: yes.
End flashback
I was 5 years old.
me: Daddy will you going stay with me, Yaya, and mommy please. (making puppy eyes to her dad)
daddy: Mint, Daddy have to go live somewhere else. daddy promise that daddy will come back to see you.
Me: Daddy I though that Mommy was your true love? So why are you going?
Daddy: baby daddy have to leave.
He give me a kiss and leave without looking back.
End flashback
Yaya: Mint, MINT!!
Me: yes you don't have to yell
Yaya: I call you like a long time ago and you weren't listen.
Me: so yeah what do you want??
Yaya: mom need to see you.
Yaya point of view:
I knew that Mint was thinking about dad. Today was his brithday. It have been 10 years since he left but in Mint heart it was like yesterday. every year on his birthday and on the day he left she will have flashback of the day he left. Since he left mom. Mom didn't bother finding a new dad of us.
Mint's P.O.V:
I'm a single 15 years old. Never have a boyfriend and never will have one.
When I was little I USED to think that someday I'll find my true love and live happily ever after like my parent. But I was WRONG there no such thing as true love and happily ever after.
Chapter 2
Mint's P.O.V
???: Mint, Mint wake up it time to go to school.
Me: one more minutes( says it sleepily)
???: no you can't if you sleep for one more minute we'll be late for school.
I look up at the clock and it 7:10.
Me: OMG I'm going to be late!!!!!! Why didn't you wake me up earlier, Yaya.
Yaya: I did 10 minutes ago and you say one more minutes.
I get really as quickly as I can and mom drove us off to school.
Yaya P.O.V
When we got to school I feel butterfly in my stomach. I knew I should have just stay home to day. I walk through the door of the school with Mint who know nothing about what happed on friday. I hope she doesn't find out about it. She know that I used to like him but that Friday night I told her I decide to move on and say that it a good idea to move on so I did. ( I think )
Nadech P.O.V
I don't know but I feel a little weird after a what happen on Friday. Even though we went to the same school. It seem like a only met her a couple time and yet she ask me that. but after that day I somehow.can't stop thinking about how pretty she is.
???: hey dude,wait up!!!
Me: huhh... Oh Mark it you.
Mark: yes it me who else???
Me: ummm no one.
Mark: hey have you seem the girl that ask you out the other day?
Me: no and I really don't care about her.
Mark: wow why act so mean to her I think she look really cute.
Mark: wow you don't have to be loud. And what if I say yeah I am what are you going to do about that??
My fist was about to hit his stupid a** face when he say this.
Mark: dude I was just kidding I can't believe that you fell for it. Now you make me want to ask you if you really have a feeling for her. She is really pretty after all.
Me: I don't know. It seem crazy but when she ask me out it was the first time I met her in my whole life.
Mark: dude that is crazy. She went to the same school as you and she have at lest 2 class with you this year. And yet you feel like you just met her Friday.
Me: shut up don't make me feel stupider then I'm already am.