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  1. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️]GMM25] The Three Gentlebros (GMMTV): Mam Kathaleeya / Luke Plowden / Tay Tawan / Gun Atthaphan / Mook Worranit / Punpun Sutatta

    One of the series announced during the GMMTV 2022 launch. Mr. Koo is co-directing this.
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    [WeTV] The Revenge (Kongthup Production): Mook Worranit / Nonkul Chanon

    Part of WeTV's original drama lineup for 2022. Looks like this is a new production company owned by Kate Thunthup. A number of people in the cast are from GMMTV.
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    ❤️[ONE31] My Queen (The One Enterprise): Bee Namthip / Neng Sarun

    Said to be a remake of the Taiwanese drama with the same title Orly Tatiya ("Crowns of Grass" and upcoming drama "Ley Luang") has just added this drama to her IG bio.
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    [GMM25] Maya Dao (?): Mook Worranit / Toyy Pathompong

    Looks like the real-life couple Toyy and Mook will pair up for their first primetime drama together. (They were previously paired in GMMTV's "Girl Next Room: Motorbike Baby", which ran for 6 episodes.) Former Channel 7 actor Papang Phromphiriya just signed...
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    ❤️[GMM25] Ban Sao Sod (Change2561): Kao Jirayu / Mook Worranit

    A remake of the 2001 drama with the same title
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    ❤[GMM25] Girl Next Room (GMMTV): Mook Worranit/ Jamie Juthapich/ Mild Wiraporn/ Gigi Sarocha/ Toyy Pathompong/ Singto Prachaya/ Off Jumpol/ Kao Jirayu

    I think this will be a la U-Prince. There are 4 stories in here, each with different pairings: Motorbike Baby (03/01/2020 to 04/05/2020): Mook Worranit and Toyy Pathompong, with Fluke Gawin, Guy Sivakorn and Guide Sutina Midnight Fantasy (04/19/2020 to 05/10/2020): Jamie Juthapich and Singto...
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    [GMM25] Oh My Boss (GMMTV): Mook Worranit / Luke Plowden

    One of the series announced as part of GMMTV's 2020 lineup.
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    ❤️[GMM25] Plara Song Krueng (?): Oil Thana / Mook Worranit

    This premieres on GMM25 this August 14th, replacing "Tok Kra Dai Hua Jai Ploy Jone" (Pae and Gypso drama). Mook previously led "Mia Noi" (her first drama outside GMMTV and was GMM25's highest-rating weeknight drama this 2019). As this appears to be more of a rom-com (which is her "comfort...
  9. D

    ❤[GMM25] Kiss Me Again (GMMTV) : March Chutavuth/ Sananthachat Thanapatpisal/ Tn Thanaerng/

    GMMTV preview their lakorn for 2018 today: Trailer: other cast: Mild Wiraporn Mook Worranit Earth Pirapat Pango
  10. D

    ❤[GMMTV] Love at First Hate (?) : Mook Worranit/ Son Yuke

    GMMTV preview their lakorn for 2018 today: Trailer:
  11. D

    [GMM 25] My Dear Loser Series :

    GMM 25 new series going to be on air July. There going to be three couple. Not sure which couple storyline is first but here are some fitting photos and clips also a teaser: Cr to: kaewoic IG Teaser: Push Puttichai, Esther...
  12. Maricon

    [oneHD] Little Big Dream: Push Puttichai/Mook Woranit

    Official poster from GMMTV Facebook: Trailer
  13. L

    [GMM 25] U Prince Series

    U Prince Series   Another series of the year and there are  12 parts  with 12 pra-ek and 12 nang-ek. We will know who are Pra-nang of these series on Monday 25th.   รอติดตามการเปิดตัว #uprinceseries 12 หนุ่มสุด Hot กับ 12 นางเอกสุดกรี๊ด วันจันทร์หน้า 25 มกราคม   cr.@kaewoic  
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    Mook Worranit (Juzz January 2016)

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    [CH.GMM25] Kiss series

    New series. Its call Kiss series.    Mook, Mek, and Mild from the "Ugly Duck series" will be in this new series.   Going to be on air January 10, 2016   Staring: Mook Worranit Thawornwongs Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor Mek Jirakit Thawornwong Mild Wiraporn   Teasers and Photos of this new series.  ...
  16. D

    [GMM 25] Ugly Duckling Series (Exact)

    The cast:   Sean Jindachote Esther Supreeleela Push Puttichai Mook Worranit Thawornwongs Neen Suwanamas Nicky Nachat Juntapun Mousen Natcha Juntapun Victor Zheng Mild Wiraporn J Jirakitth C   Cr to: as tag