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The cast:
Sean Jindachote
Esther Supreeleela
Push Puttichai
Mook Worranit Thawornwongs
Neen Suwanamas
Nicky Nachat Juntapun
Mousen Natcha Juntapun
Victor Zheng
Mild Wiraporn J
Jirakitth C
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Ew, Sean as pra'ek? Push should be the main pra'ek...The rest of the guys are so cute! In case anyone is wondering about Mek Jirakit, he auditioned for the Star (forgot what season) but didn't make it but now he is a singer and just released his first single with GMM Grammy.
No. Way. Sean as PRA'EK?! My man Push should be the main pra'ek, as much as I like Sean Push is manlier, handsome, and... taller! Exact is messed up! This is why I try to avoid them. :( Push has the whole package! The looks, talent, height, and charm! What more do they want?!
Dude it's gonna be so awkward for Push, why the hell are they doing this?! I'm so pissed :mad: Exact sure is promoting Sean and they're putting poor Push as second. Push please move to Ch3! 
My day ends with anger lol. 
This is my emotion:
!$@Y&$RHIU!FBP!$(#PBF #IPF)*#B%13087fgb1g5fn1-78t5-5n1$*(NR!


- Marina ♥
I like both Sean and Puth and I'm alright with Sean as pa'ek.
Although, please give Puth more roles. And slap/kiss, aggressive pa'ek roles would be nice for him, too. HAHA . But really, Puth really does need better roles. He definitely has the whole package!!
Sean and Esther are so cute here~ I can sense some cute chemistry from these photos.
I really can't wait to see them in LR.
Also, very happy to see Mouse in here. Haven't heard from him in a while.
And this series looks super adorable.


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
Isn't this a series? So doesn't that mean all of them are the p'nangs of their own?

My lovelies thooo! Sean & Esther. :3 Push & that girl are cute also!!!! Omg. This does look like a cute series. LOL. Awe.

But I'm surprised Sean and Esther got a 2nd lakorn already! Haha. They must be cute in Leh Ratree. :3 hopefull . So happyy


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I thought Push was second to Sean at first too, but then I re-read the title and it's a series. So I'm pretty sure there will be at least two main couples in this. Grr, I'm still upset about Exact not promoting their own actresses. :facepalm: At this point, I've lost all hope. :no:


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Now we get Push & Es in a series together, so next year can we see Push & Es's pairing pls?! 
They both my fav xD The fitting pics look cute 
I finally got the chance to watch Thongsook 13 the other day (no, I did not watch it alone because I'm a chicken. LOL.) and I thought Sean's acting is good for a newbie. However, he isn't pra'ek material at all in terms of looks and height. But it isn't all about looks right? Right. The thing is, Sean lacks aura and charm. Take Bie, Boy Pakorn, and Tono Phakin for example. As much as I love them, they're not the best looking pra'eks out there but they definitely possess much aura and charm. Sean, in my honest opinion, isn't good looking (but he's more like cute!) at all and neither does he have aura and charm.


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It's a series so they won't be in the same story. That means each pairing are the pranangs of their own. :)
As you can see, there are four stories in the series:
Boy's Paradise by Stampberry (Sean & Esther), Pretty (Pity) Girl by Milkplus (Make Jirakitth, Mind, and Victor), Perfect Match by may112 (Push & Mook), and Don't by Jao Pla Noy (Neen, Nicky, and Mouse)
btw I just knew that Make and Mook are siblings lmao
This is the fiction version of Push & Mook. It's one of the popular teen fictions in Thailand. Many people say it's good. :D

Here are some pictures from the set of Push & Mook. They're such good-looking cast!
Mook still looks cute even when she has acne makeup on. ;_;

cr: mookwrnfamily @ IG
Push looks so good in the college uniform. I'm actually crying.



cr: kaewoic @ IG
They just started filming so I assume it will air around April?


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LOL why I always have a feeling that Push is so flirty with all of his co-worker
He looks so young and yet..he is always been so hot...And I feel happy this is not another "rich guy" character for him


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My gosh, I would be so clumsy falling over and tripping over my own two feet if I was the gal acting alongside w/Push hahaha He's a gorgeous man !!


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Gosh Push, why you so cute ^_^
I've been following Mook for a while now and watching her and Make in Room Alone the Series but I just found out today that they're siblings haha xD
And aww, the Juntapun brothers :)


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Push looks so damn good! Hopefully, Exact will promote him more, and he shouldn't be demoted to second because he's too good for that.